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Yeah, they literally said we weren't allowed to call it China virus. They're the same people who are now calling it the U. K. Covert variant. There seemed to be a lack of consistency and everything related to Corona virus. Isn't that just crazy? So and now so and what's interesting about this new strain is that every time you hear about it, Oh, my God, It's so much more infectious. Oh, my God. We found cases in Colorado and California in Florida, and it's spreading like wildfire. There is no evidence that I have found yet from any Like legitimate authorities that it's any more dangerous or that it's any more resistant to these potential vaccines that we have coming out for the current coat virus. They may work, Justus well for this one. Okay, so I have a this is going to sound like a rob question that, but I'm being serious when I asked this, and I know our friends of the Red Gardner are big fans of the radio station. The strip Club's allowed to be open in the city. Now, can you do this? I don't know. Can you part? I believe you're asking me. I've tried to raise my standards here over the past several months Now that I'm an actual host on a ship lowered mine. Well, okay. Let me know. Because how are you gonna tell strip club? Well, you can't be opened as a strip club because People are touching each other and breathing on each other. But you're going to have thousands of people flying in here and going to be doing just that. I don't know. I don't know how. How could Thanksgiving. How could Christmas be a super spreader event? When these people thousands of people are coming to our city? Close contact with each other. These are very, very good Questions. Want consistency? That's all I want, either. It's the most dangerous thing ever. And these people shouldn't be playing basketball or you're all products. Well, I'm going with the latter. I think you should. And I do think because you know, this is just one more way of making people. It's just It's fear. Porn is what it is. Panic porn. Oh, my God, A new strain of my God. We have to shut everything down even harder. And if we go back to when it was still the chicks on the right show the beginning of this, Remember, we talked about this. Is that the problem with the 15 days to flatten the curve? Because we kind of got into it? You mean Daisy about this is it will never, ever, ever stop because they can't let it stop because they've taken so much away that if they give it back, it's gonna be hard to do it again, So it's got to be something else. A new a new strain. The vaccine didn't didn't work, whatever. It's not ever going to stop until you You stop it, And that is ah, legitimate fear that a lot of people have myself included about masks, wearing masks and having masks required and having them. You know all of this. This talk about potentially having vaccines be mandatory and then having a record of those vaccines All of it is just getting so. China riff IQ that it's terrifying and it's in your head now, and the government's done a great job of getting in people's heads that if you're around people, you know you start feeling weird about in my too close to this, but the people, you know people in your family. You know when I'm talking about going to a business, but now they're totally in your head. About how close should I get to this person? You know how you know I'm 9 ft. Away is that is that It's just they totally just warped everyone. Yeah, it Zvereva's and it's like a huge cat. We're all being, um we're all being played in many ways like a Truman show. Yeah, it's like a real life. Truman show where they're just looking at us and laughing and what they've what they've been able to do. Yeah, well, we're all being universally gas lit together, and it's It's crazy. Um, can we mentioned this is off the cove in subject by the way, and speaking of this new super covert for because that's one of the things I've heard them call it is It's the super course because you know that's more scary sounding. Um, I don't if it does, in fact, have the same. Uh, Not. I mean, I understand that they're saying it's more contagious, so it has a higher rate of infection. But it doesn't appear to have a higher rate of illness or hospitalizations or deaths. As a result of it, In which case I feel like okay, then it's already we already have one straight A covert out there. This to me just means it's going to move through the population faster and allow for a greater chance of herd immunity to me. I'm like Listen, I don't want anybody to die. But we have a 99 point something chance of surviving this virus in the first place, So let's just everybody who's going to get it. Get it over with and move on. Well, and we talked about this weeks ago. Now it seems like maybe more than a month ago when I talk about the woman who the biologist who actually worked for National Institute of Health and actually did you know autopsies on on people that password coded in studied people at covert, and she said at the time, you know, there's so much that we don't know and we You're the literal scientist. When you talk about trusting the science when the governor or hog center whoever comes in, says we're trusting the science. No, you're not. Because the scientists don't know they have some things. They can speculate on things. They're learning that we say OK, this is a trend, but there's so many things that they're not willing to make definitive statements on yet you use them as some sort of logic to do this stupid crap. But then the stupid crap gets revealed an exposed when you say, Let's have a basketball tournament here. Yeah, I mean and then sign Goes out the window, much as it does in the House of Representatives. Where apparently if you actually have an active case of Cove it you're you're allowed to vote If it's for a Democrat, if it's a Democrat, that Zinni and Nancy Pelosi needs your vote, then by golly, come on in, But we're gonna mask shame Republicans and there doesn't seem to be government in many cases. Now, now the Santis is that is a good example. Somebody who actually has or Christy Nome up in the South Dakota at South Dakota, right? No. The governor. Yeah. Yeah. So get those two. Dakotas mixed up all the time..

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