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Have to do to convert here? I mean, they're doing everything right. That first drive. They marked truck right down the field. Obviously it had the bad turnover into the end zone. But on third down, they have to be able to convert those third in shorts. That's what they struggled last year, doing it with 30% of National Football League. They have to be able to do that if they want to get some points on the board. In the first half, Bears will start 1st and 10 from the 25. Here's the snap toss player Williams Racing left of the numbers looking for room he finds none. He's going to be hit in the backfield and dropped Damian Williams driven down, backing it up. 22 Troy reader led the charge. It will be a loss of three breeder had some help from his friends. There was three white jerseys waiting for Damien Williams. And I'd like Peggy's game plan because it runs and quick rhythm throws. But somewhere down the line, you're gonna have to take shots to get everybody to loosen up a little bit. Second down 13. Now for the Bears ball, the far side left half of the 22 yard line. Dalton the shotgun, two receivers left to the right. Williams remains any lines up. The Daltons right now will shift off to his left Now, Dolton send him in motion out to the right. Here's the snap Dalton back to pass. He looks he looks he throws and that one is called the numbers right side at the 30 yard line by Goodwin over the 35 to 40 and finally run out of bounds. David Long was in coverage and ran them out. There's a penalty flag as well. They've got him marked out right now. At the 41 yard line again in 19. We'll see about the marker personal foul, grasping the face last 22 defense 15 yards ability. At the end of the play automatic. First down Robinson the good from David Long Now we see the bad getting beat, Thereby Goodwin. He just He just ran a curl route and Dave along with playing off coverage. Played very soft, easy throw and catch by Dalton to the receiver, And then once he comes outside, he got you have to get your hands down away from the face mask. They know they're going to call all those type of penalties against the defense that will move it down to the Rams. 44 Justin Fields is back in for his second snap of the ball game. He lines up with the shotgun. Two receivers left one of the right here's the snap..

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