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The Koven Numbers continue to lead the local news Dallas County's reporting a record high of 1103 new cases of covert 19 Saturday along with two new deaths. The number of the new number surpasses the prior day's record high of 1085. It brings the total number of cases recorded since March 2. 24,778 cases in 395 deaths. The two deaths reported Saturday, including man in his seventies who was a resident in bulk springs. He had underlying health conditions, but a woman in her eighties who was a resident of a long term care facility in the city of Dallas. Had no known underlying health conditions. Texas has reported its biggest daily increase the number of confirmed Corona virus cases at 8258. Hospitalizations also continue to climb. Now, Carol, these Jim Barto has the rest of the story. Much of Texas began mandating face coverings Friday on the orders of governor Greg Abbott. The mass quarter carries say, $250 fine. The order is the most dramatic about face that Abbott has made as he retreats from what stood out as one of America's swiftest re openings. Texas health officials say the state's total number of confirmed Corona virus cases Is now at 191,790. State health officials also report 33 additional deaths linked to covert 19 that brings Texas is total to 2608 deaths. Hospitalisation stood at 7890 on Saturday, an increase of 238 from Friday. Jim Barto News Radio, 10 80 King Rld Planet Fire and Rescue had a busy evening responded to two separate grassfire Saturday, both believed to be started by fireworks. Both fires were located near the area of Jupiter and Spring Creek, one of the old point nature preserve, which was extinguished 30 minutes after being reported the other fire. Was on the Von Farms near Parker in Jupiter. There were no injuries reported the Koven 19 pandemic gobbles up yet another event for the first time since World War two The MLB All Star game is officially canceled. The Midsummer Classic was scheduled to be played at Dodger Stadium instead. They'll get a game in 2022. Next year's game is still in Atlanta. Caroli traffic and weather together and Dallas. He's found 30 Ferguson looks like this accident almost out of your way. But still, we got a little block there looks like that's why it's a little slow in the area. And then now on North found Dallas nor tollway at Beltline Road, you get an accident there. That's definitely causing a little bit of a delay on the call from the Carroll The Weather Center will tonight partly cloudy through the overnight low round 78. Good news is is we might get some rain tomorrow. About 20% chance of showers, mainly in late afternoon. Otherwise partly sunny you're high near 96. Heat indexes of 101 Sunday night. Keep that 20% chance of showers in the forecast for the overnight when the little round 76 right now 89 degrees here. The following program has been pre recorded..

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