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And tomorrow Monday, a mix of rain and snow throughout the day temperature holding steady or dropping a bit to around 37 degrees tomorrow. Currently, it's 53 degrees and fair skies over New York City at eight o'clock. This'd w n y C FM HD on AM New York. From W. N. Y. C and NPR This is weekend edition. Good morning. I'm he asked me con coming up this hour distribution of the visor vaccine has begun. The first shots could be given as soon as tomorrow, including here in the New York area, the latest rallies to protest the 2020 election results through crowds of President Trump's most ardent supporters yesterday. And we remember Charley Pride, one of the first black Americans to become popular as a country artist. He died yesterday at age 86 of complications from Cove it it's Sunday, December 13th first news headlines. Live from NPR News. I'm Giles Snyder. Negotiators for the UK and the European Union have agreed to extend their talks on a post Brexit trade deal. European Commission president or serve under lion says enough progress has been made to keep pushing for an agreement. Our negotiation teams have been working day and night over the recent days. And despite the exhaustion after almost one year of negotiations, On despite the fact that deadlines have been missed over and over. We both think That it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile underlying smoking. Rather. Speaking to reporters in Brussels a short time ago, she said her phone call with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was constructive and useful. Too, had set a deadline of today to reach a deal to avoid a no deal Brexit at the end of the month. Hospitals around the country preparing for the first deliveries of Fizer is Corona virus. Vaccine trucks carrying the vaccine began leaving advisor manufacturing facility this morning. After the FDA granted emergency use authorization late Friday. The Electoral College convenes tomorrow to officially vote for Joe Biden as the next president, brother before the second time in a month. Thousands of pro trump supporters to send it on the nation's capital. NPR's Amy held reports Saturday's rally grew violent pro Trump ralliers are still rejecting the reality of the results, including the proud boys who call themselves a Western show. Veniste organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center calls them a hate group. Black lives matter. Protestors came out to police tried to keep the group's apart, but by night, some met and thought some two dozen were arrested. Earlier, the president indicated the support was mutual at the pro Trump rally. Wow! He tweeted thousands of people forming in Washington, D C for stopped the steel. They cheered as Trump passed overhead and Marine one but in dozens of cases all the way up to the Supreme Court. Any notion of a stolen election has been rejected. Amy held NPR news to Wisconsin. Now a federal judge there has rejected another one of President Trump's lawsuit seeking to reverse that state's election results. Wisconsin public Radio Shawn Johnson reports on the latest in a string of defeats for the president. U. S District Court Judge Brett Ludwig, who is nominated by Trump called the president's case extraordinary. A sitting president who did not prevail in his bid for reelection, Ludwig wrote and asked the federal court for help. Ludwig said Trump failed to show that clerks had conducted the election in a way that was significantly different from what state law had intended. He also said there had been no violation of the constitution. The president asked that the rule of law be followed, Ludwig wrote. He concluded quote it has been For NPR news. I'm Shawn Johnson in Madison. And you're listening to NPR news. This is w NYC in New York. I'm Yasmeen Khan. New York is getting closer to seeing 100 deaths a day from covert 19 governor. Cuomo says 95 people died from the virus on Friday in August and September. There were days when no New Yorkers died of coded Now, hospitalizations and use of ICU beds are steadily rising. Throughout the state, the city's covert positivity rate over the pet the past week has risen above 6%. A second fire in a week struck the Middle collegiate Church in the East Village. The F D. N y quickly responded and extinguished the minor flare up yesterday, the historic church and the neighboring women's shelter were heavily damaged in a six alarm fire last weekend, fire investigators determined the cause was electrical and not intentional. Middle collegiate Church houses the New York City Liberty Bell that's wrong to honor historic occasions. The New York Post reports. There's hope the bell is recoverable. Long Island has seen a surge in applications for handgun permits. This year. Applications are up 80% in Nassau County so far compared to all of 2019, and they're up 143% in Suffolk County's five largest towns. Tuesday. Reporter Thomas Maier says gun interest in gun ownership peaked with the beginning of the pandemic in March and the protests over George Floyd's death in June, even though Long Island hasn't seen a increase in violent crime. The reality of crime on Long Island, Actually, if anything has gone down, so that fear that people have really isn't justified by the fact Crime was down in both NASA and Suffolk counties between January and September compared to last year, mostly sunny today with a high in the upper fifties temperature will drop tonight, though to below around 39 degrees. It's 806. Support for NPR comes from indeed committed to helping businesses hire when managers upgrade their job posts. They instantly.

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