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I would pay attention to that if clay is longing for LA and that's what his father grew up around and. You don't think clay says to himself, if you were to think of a perfect landing space for Klay Thompson, it's not that trade that was talked about a few years ago which was Kevin love to Minnesota. This is said the Golden State turned this down, Kevin love from Minnesota Golden State, and it's changed for Klay Thompson. That's not the deal. I think Klay once being the number one player on a, you know, a late seat. I think the deal he would want is wait who's the best player in the history of the world to get me the basketball at the three point line. And that would be LeBron James, the the theory. The EMI theory is always that clay was gonna find his way in the lake on the Lakers and Michael Thompson is dead historically, hasn't done anything to push back on that, which is why it only gained senior. However, the most recent comments for Michael Thompson on this matter was that Claes going to retire with the warriors. He's finally realized that he should probably stop making life if this is the direct quote. And it doesn't mean that this I'll find into. Watching this because sometimes kids like to carve a different path than their parents even if the basketball chromosome has been hand me down, this is what his father. The famous Laker. Michael says, quote, he's got such a good thing here. The warriors have such a special thing here for the next six or seven years. They're going to be championship material. They're not going to break that up. That's the quote, but Michael man, I remind you that those Lakers of yours, we're never going to be broken up either. And then Pat Riley was writing a book. He still regrets to this day about the inside season on the Lakers and at the end they wanted Pat Riley out of there and the teams dynamic changed really doesn't matter what clay once right? It matters LeBron ones. That's it. Like clanking wanna be there all he wants if indeed he don't. Why wouldn't LeBron want him there? He wants more maybe guys that he wants. Wants to rent more, but clay is the guy if I were to upside of Steph or dranked you got, it's not just that you gotta get a guy to beat them. You have to weaken them in doing so like it's LeBron getting another and a guy. That's not what he needs LeBron needs to get another guy from them, right. That will close the gap. It will close again, but probably still not enough right now if they get to rent that's enough the rent. Yes, but LeBron. Food? Yeah. I like I like LeBron's chances with Klay Thompson, and then of course you get somebody else. That's how they're going to do it. That's that. That's the game of thrones LeBron's, not just going to sit there and wait for Kevin Durant to get bored with championships, like he's just not. Maybe for one sees donlevatar the one John Fogerty song. Do you call it centerfield or put me in coach when he died. This is the only thing I knew that he did. I was sad. I was like, I never see him seeing it. Live stugatz Fogarty was just on the show. I don't think he died. Billy just like, killed him. He's alive. So two weeks ago. Wait a minute. He was on whose show. With Greg Cody. Telling you this is a Hispanic song. If feel it here. MO, I have a direct and pointed question for you. Why did you kill John? Fogerty DCC libertas show with this Stu gods on ESPN radio. So scouts was telling you that ESPN is released. Its tears, tears of Pasco, basketball rankings. Chris Cody gets very excited. When that happened. Gear more goes all over the place..

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