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Two right Lanes remained blocked with fire equipment after a single card crash at that location in Highland on the 2 10 he's found at Highland Avenue. Wooden pallets have been dropped in the two left. Lanes. So a caution exercise you can get by in the right lane. New single car crash in Sherman Oaks. Wanna one westbound at the 405 South bound transition in Anaheim five Freeway South bound on the Gene Autry Way off ramp Not far from the stadium, A TV dropped in the carpool lane slowing on the south edge of downtown, a 10 freeway sweeping and repair operation in the carpool lane from Ella meted of Francis Skeeto Avenue until two this afternoon. Old freeway closure in Westminster North bound in south bound for 05 from Bolsa to Westminster completely closed both ways as they worked to widen the bridges and get ready to make enough room for a carpool lane. Irvine. Roadwork North bound 1 33 left lane blocked from Barranca Parkway over to Irvine Boulevard, North Bound five Barranca Parkway. The two right lanes are taken away for repair. There. Also 10 westbound at Pacific in West Covina. Dark car Missing attire is blocking the off ramp. CHP is on the scene. Next traffic report, 6 45 with more traffic reports more often. I'm Tim Greenwood from the Toyota Glendora, 24 hour Traffic Center, Kenya next 10 70 NewsRadio Wagner the Coast this morning after that, sunshine highs the seventies the beaches eighties inland ninety's the valleys running 100 in the desert. Overnight lows in the fifties and sixties. More of the same on the way for tomorrow. Your exclusive.

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