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All this stuff spills, we'll play over this about how terrible he was to other people, which he denies all deny course, there's a lot of people think I'm a terrible human being. And I know I'm great person. That's my friends anywhere. Anyone staying with basketball, RJ Hampton is going to skip going to college and going to play with New Zealand breakers of the AM, B L. That would be the Australian National Basketball league. He's playing for a New Zealand team, but I don't think the games are in New Zealand. I think they're all in all. Yes, North Korea has good basketball, they do have good basketball, this was announced yesterday on ESPN, and it elicited applause from Jay Williams and Jalen rose applause from them. I took note of that. I think this is a one day story. I think it's a complete non event, because I think that in a very short time, Adam silver, who has already said the one in done is a stupid rule to complete restraint of trade awful ruled that people like this, this, the amount of people in that population this going to go to the NBA, you know, if he wants to go make money in Australia. Good for him the level of Australian basketball's probably every bit as good as college basketball in America. But I don't think this is the harbinger of anything to come. This is happened before other people have done this Emmanuel moody did this, this is the third or fourth guys done this, and it doesn't there's no revolution here. It doesn't happen. You don't say, oh my God. College basketball's going to die and the Australian it is. It is in that he said, I want. Dreamt of playing college basketball want to go to college. Now. What to go? What makes him interesting is that reportedly has something like twelve sixty on his boards, so he could go anywhere. And fine. But again, my position is let's not think that this is going to revolution from breaking. No, it's not. To baseball to baseball, Mr.. Tony the Los Angeles angels of Anaheim beat the Oakland. I totally to store, and nobody cares about this story in the east. Right. Nobody cares at all that, that Shohei Otani who can only hit this year because he's he can't throw because he had Tommy, John surgery, had a hit that beat Oakland. The only reason I wanted to bring it up was a Oakland had won ten straight, and I defy most people living, east of the Mississippi to name three people on the Oakland Athletics. Can't do it. Nobody knows who they Reggie Jackson and every year, Oakland go every year in the summer, Oakland has a stretch where they go like twenty two and five. Yeah. And then you see them at the top like close to the of the western standings. Right under Houston. And you go, what who are they, they do this every single year? They don't spend any money on any players terrible. Here they go twenty five and they are in the playoff mix. Yeah. Can you name it conversation? I couldn't well I could one guy I condemn the home run hitter and he's out but lucky Trianon I think, is on that team is trying to yes. Yes. Seen the gone out to the bay area number of times with the great Gretchen move, nobody set the ballpark the a terrible terrible stadium. That's wonderful because it sells stadium. Yeah. Yeah, terrific. And speaking of the raiders who no longer play in Oakland gonna play again. This year aren't before they end up going. Let's Las Vegas. It is still live. Yeah. But if you're raiders season ticket holder, aren't you just furious with the situation? Well, the raiders have signed a Richie incognito deal. The aptly named. Thing. But incognito, that's what the raiders. That's what Davis. What? Yeah, that's the raiders of the court of last resort. Jason. What was the name of the guy who he who he Stanford Stanford? Jason he was a first round draft choice on the offense Jonathan Martin Jonathan Mark. Yes. Jonathan mountain of the dolphins. How quickly we forget. Yes, it's basically gave I don't talk about the this. Okay. I want to talk about Mount Everest. Yeah. This is very troubling lart dying. This is Mount Everest, has become the Santa Anita racetrack of nouns to you see these pictures..

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