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Buffalo Baltimore game. Want Buffalo to win. I like Buffalo fans. Gosh, Baltimore's hottest hell. This is a tough game to pick. I actually like the Rams and Green Bay. Don't kill me. Don't kill me. Don't kill me. I know that we're big in Wisconsin. You've got four hours to talk me out of it. I'll let you talk me out of it. I like the Rams in Green Bay. Yes. Defense? Yes. Running game. No. The quarterback situation is scary to say the best. I know that Aaron Donald has been nursing multiple injuries. I got it. I just got that stupid stealing villain. About the Rams and Green Bay Today, I'll start it right off the top. So you've got four hours because I know we're big and Wisconsin 855 to 1 to four CBS 8552 and two for 2 to 7 to talk me out of that also, man, I I don't know why I like both road teams today. Like Baltimore, Buffalo. It's this weird now that the now the monkeys off off Lamar's back Now he can. He could really focus. I think that they've gone back to basics with him. They've tried a couple of different things. You know, Great. Roman took a lot of hell in Baltimore. They've tried a lot of different things. We're getting to a point here. Where for Buffalo. Buffalo's had a tremendous season. Josh Allen's had a tremendous season. Brian Tables done a tremendous job. But if you would have told me that I'd be saying that 10 years ago when he was in Cleveland, I have told you you're crazy. I told you, your stone Brian tables done a tremendous job. They've done a tremendous job. Baltimore got hot at the right time. They got people back at the right time. I like Lamar. It's at the right time. Just like both road teams today, more than likely be wrong, and you've got four hours to talk me out of that, But I was grinding on something else. When I was growing up. Mean, now, you know a lot of my one of my buddies. Amazing how life goes. He and I know that people are upset with Facebook right now. I I get that. But You could see our lives. I don't think any generation before has been able to really see their lives. There's big been moments and lives. There's been World War two. There's been Vietnam. There's been nine There's been moments in lives. But I don't think that we've ever had it right here on a computer screen. How our lives. Play out and how you reach a certain age and they're certain milestones that you start to hit. When Facebook for starts. I just noticed this just yesterday when Facebook first starts, I'm in college. It's a college thing. I was hesitant to get on it. College girlfriend talked me into it away. We go break up still on Facebook. Fine. Away we go. I got Facebook, right? We're on it. People start to get engaged. We go from looking forward to Halloween picks guys of a certain age. Know what I'm talking about? Spring break picks. Guys of a certain age. Know what I'm talking about? Two boyfriends, girlfriends serious. Relationships, Engagements, weddings, Children divorce. Kids getting older. That's where my generation is. And so a lot of my buddies are either Knee deep knee deep in a marriage. Hopefully they're happy. Can't guarantee every single day. Hopefully they're happy or I I got some buddies who've gotten a divorce now and they're on their getting ready, Maybe for the second marriage here. Know Life's perfect but you can make the best out of it. There's always been one thing that I've always done and it's it's been Lesson for me, and it's Zbynek a strong role for me, and I think that a lot of other guys I think a lot of other guys should probably take this advice. Any time I've had a friend. Who had a break up. I never, ever ever speak ill of the ex. I never have. I don't want to as as bad as as as down as they are, and I've seen we've all had a buddy down in the dumps. We've all had to pick him up and put him in bed. We've all had to pick him up and maybe clean up a little bit of the vomit and all the other stuff from other benders and just trying to get over it. It's bad. It's so bad and you want to make your body feel better. And you say she's trashed. You'll want to say she's trash. You want to say how bad she is how horrible she was. She was giving you the eyes at a party a long time you want You want to try to say all this stuff just to make your body feel bad, Feel better. And I will always say, Don't do it. If he wants to say it. Let him get off his chest. You let him say it. You let him say you let him believe it. You let him believe that he's never gonna pick up the phone that he's deleted her number. He's never gonna remember number that he's never going to call her again. He's never gonna text her again that he's blocked her on all the social media. You go ahead and let your buddy believe it remains supportive. But no That the first break up Rarely is the last one. I felt the same way when Urban Meyer walked away from football a couple years ago. They asked him because they wanted to get him on record. Do you feel right now that you're done with football? He said, Yes. What else was he supposed to say? And at the time I believed him. I believe Urban Meyer with football. There's a lot of belief today. I believe Urban Meyer with football. It is a relationship. It's his first love. His first mistress. And as much as he wants to be away from it As much as he may feel that this is for the betterment of his help of his family of his lifestyle, Long term, he can't get away from it. He's competitive. This is what he knows. He's from Ohio. It's a crazy football state. It's Northeast Ohio's a crazy football area. It's part of his blood. He has to have it and being involved with it, knowing that he can take players and take them to another level that he could look across the field. And there are people over there that are nervous about the football team the coaches because of him. You go? Yes, it could be a powerful thing. Power feeds the ego. These things could be a powerful thing. And I knew in you knew I'm not breaking any news. You knew he was going to get back in football. There's things though, that I do believe because immediately when he came back. Well, I guess that whole brave thing wasn't that bad. Harp's just like when he came to Ohio State. All of a sudden your heart's fixed your heart's fix. That's great. I do believe Urban Meyers had health problems. I don't think he's going to go through and maybe I'm a fool. I don't think a grown man in his fifties who's supposed to lead young people. And let them and make them believe that he has them in the best position possible is going toe stand there in fake sickness on the sidelines. I don't think he's gonna do it. This is Urban Meyer. This isn't Clark Gable. Everybody, I don't think he's going to do that. I do think that urban Meyer had serious health issues. I also think you can always find a doctor who's.

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