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Because they're not foundational regrets. I don't have you know. I was twenty. I you know. I was cutting tobacco in kentucky for a living for three dollars an hour. Three dollars and thirty cents. And i went to my dad instead. I'm gonna drive this beat up monte carlo with two hundred thousand miles on dr california go go be an actor and my dad was like the odds are so against you and i said then will. I don't want to be sixty years old and wake up at six years old and say you know. I think i could have done that. I'd rather go there fail and then at least on the back of kentucky. I'd say well i tried. It just didn't work out. I'd like to change that from sixty now because now about to be sixty but the idea of sort of foundational regrets. Don't have i have things. I wish i'd done better things. I wish i'd said or spoken up for but they don't have the deep ones you know. I would think other than batman and robin that you wouldn't you know i will tell you a funny thing. This is absolutely true. Without batman and robin i couldn't have gotten too out of sight. which was the next film. and that wouldn't have gotten me to three kings. Which is the next more. Oh brother other. Which is the next film. I learned lessons in that in doing that film about that i was going to be. I was no longer an actor getting a job and acting job. I was going to be held responsible for the films themselves getting made so i had to pick better scripts not just you know. I get the play batman but you know i have to work a better script. It was you learn from from your mistakes. And i learned a lot from that one because there was a lot of mistakes in it. But you also choose when you're going to do something especially when you're directing it as well where the last time i guess it was last year that you did catch twenty two but it wasn't you as the star of what that was. I think the last time. I saw you in a movie that you were. The star was monster right. So that's like lo years ago. Yeah yeah do you miss using using working those muscles you do up in a bit. You know things change pier and i you know. Somebody asked me the other day saying. Is this how you're going to just what you're trying to do now. You're you're leaning into these kind of you know character pieces and i was like well. It's not what i wanna do. This is what happens when you get older. The parts change. And so i look at them and say well i look at careers that i really respected and people who aged dwell in cinema. The newman aged as he really realized at a certain point that it's time to be a character actor and so the verdict is a character actor. Even though it's still paul newman. You know we're going to end this. And i know you've been since you know you were talking to me today. Working on the song you were going to do. I have to on several songs. I want some of it. I hear you even named your puppy after. Your aunt. Rose mayr which i come to think of. It probably isn't the most complimentary thing to do. It's the saint bernard but it's okay. She's feeling nothing but good vallat. I also met in love..

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