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A two percent is he the subscriber ID call for confirmation conditions equal housing lender listens office eights analysts over thirty thirty it's eleven twenty eight traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks thank you much of the caller for update from route seven in Virginia this is gonna be the eastbound gas main break after cascades parkway before sterling Boulevard all lanes to remain blind eastbound apparently westbound does it is able to get by but eastbound on route seven can't go any farther than it cascades parkway unit to a very very interesting work around to get around that back to sterling Boulevard before you get back on the seventies down on the the rest of the Virginia roadway stepping on a lot of cones on sixty six inside the beltway eastbound the work after twenty nine Washington Boulevard exit sixty nine it's a single Leslie getting by with some delay southbound twenty eight through Centerville or approaching center collection say from route fifty heading toward I sixty six the works on before Westfield Boulevard should be a single right lane getting by in pretty evident delays trying to get through this one expect some some delays and allow yourself some extra time No Way remains very quiet three ninety five north bound the work so in before glebe road two left lanes get to buy that in Maryland on the intercounty connector Maryland or two hundred west down all traffic must divert and Georgia Avenue exit eight for ninety seven only this is to get around the all weekend long works on that is over the top of the ICC New York a two lane back until shady Grove road the twenty twenty cattle like X. T. six with a three point six liter V. six engine and a nine speed automatic transmission its crew ready now at your Washington DC area Cadillac dealer Ian Crawford WTOP traffic all cold nine across our area one of the coldest nights we've seen so far this winter as overnight low temperatures will get into the teens and low twenties so waking up on your Saturday yeah make sure your bundle about there's gonna be a cold start.

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