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Have every single doctor I know. Helping You know to to collaborate to save this woman's life. They got her off. She's now alive and well on awake and in rehab and probably going home in a week. And I'm like, Thank you. God. Thank you. Jesus, that this woman's okay? And I can't tell you how many other people have helped. You know what the most frustrating thing is? Is that the average state and I bet I'm betting like, for example, your oxygen has to almost be below 90 before you can even get admitted to a hospital in New York. Did you know that? I didn't know that. But I'm it's about close to that here. Okay now, did you And how many weeks was it really bad for you? Let me tell you after 10 days I was exactly in my temperature was down a degree, but I was I felt exactly the same as I did on day one. And let me tell you I had called every probably 3 to 4 days. Taking the place where I was diagnosed it to please give me something. I mean, it was sugar water. Give me something to give me some kind of hope, you know. And finally, on day 10. I finally called and said Hey, let me tell you the story, though. By the way, nobody nobody recommended Regeneron to you. Nobody. No, no, listen to this. This is even better. This is what I was told. Each day that I called and I feel like I got on somebody's nerve. But anyway, I did it anyway. But I was told every day take Tylenol every 2 to 4 hours and let it run its course. But it got better. By day, six or eight. I was told this take talent on every 2 to 4 hours and let it run 67 and eight is when it goes to your lungs. That's probably the most dangerous time. Generally speaking, that is usually been the pattern that I've seen play out. This is what the CDC recommended and that also take two Tylenol. That's not gonna help you. It will help you with your temperature. That's it. Yeah, This is what the best part was. Go ahead and drink some Nike will you can it will knock you out. You can't be sick while you're sleeping, so I was just I was blown away. I took a lot of heat. And I'm not a doctor. I mean, everyone's pushing me highly. Do you need to tell everybody to get vaccinated? I'm like I'm not a doctor. I'm not gonna play one on radio and TV. I'm I am asking my audience to take it seriously as hell. To read and to research on your own, which everybody is capable of doing the There's a wealth of material all over the Internet. Read it. It's important. There is not a game. It's your It's your life. It's a you know, you have older people you love. You gotta protect Grandma. Grandpa. Mom and dad. Right. Okay, so well And then I would tell everybody. The next thing you need to do is you need to talk to your doctor who knows your medical condition. I don't know anybody's medical condition. Not a position to comment on their medical treatment. Whatever it is, but talk to your doctor, your doctor's medical professionals you you trust and learn about the difference in the Madonna and Fizer vaccine versus the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. But there's other things out there like Regeneron, totally underutilized and others. You know, we've had doctors and again. Pay attention to your own research. You decide. Talk about Ivor Mactan and talk about 80 Q and talk about, you know, a Z Pak and, uh, there's all sorts of of things that people were taking and regiments that they were working for doctors in the field. That we interviewed regularly. Now I'm not telling. I'm just want you to hear and then you ultimately have to talk to your doctors and decide I mean, could you imagine if I told people now of all three of the vaccines that I like the best? I like the change a shot? Why? Because it's the old fashioned method of creating a vaccine. The M armor or in a vaccines as they call them. Fizer modern, er, You know it's newer technology. Um, and even though it has a higher efficacy Has higher efficacy numbers. There's certain factors that contributed to that, like when the studies the clinical studies were taken place, But again, I can't tell anybody. What if I had told the woman 18 to 48 that was one of the 10 women. They got blood clots. Uh, what? I'm gonna get sued for practicing medicine without a license next. Well, I asked for the Hodja Corcoran shot and this is what I was told on that. It's not a shot. It's a pill. Okay, so that was told that I would not be able to get that unless I was on death's doorstep. A little late because the studies go read the Henry Ford Huh? Study or the site? Nice study, or the studies abroad is now eight or 10 of them. That all said if taken early early means the minute your diagnosis. That's what early meets. That's how you define early. The same. What I Romek did But again, I'm not telling anybody do this. I'm saying to research it. I can't believe how many people call me or just tested positive. And I'd mentioned Regeneron. They like what? What's that? Oh, my God bless her. Yeah, but had you mean I can't believe we're not doing proactive medicine of this? And that's what Dr Oz was right with medicine and politics intersect. Politics always wins. And they shut down debate. You know, if you fight with the army, you have not the one you wish you had. He also said, And in the beginning we had nothing. And then you got Daniel Wallace, the foremost expert on H C Q, saying the risk is nil. Okay, The question I then ask is what have you got to lose? When this guy's have got 250 peer reviewed articles the foremost expert has been administering a 65 or 67 year old drug, a Sikh. Or rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus and anti malarials. Okay, maybe it didn't work. But if it's if the risk is nil, meaning nil his words not mine, Then the risk is nil. And then there were two studies that were published by medical Journals that had be rescinded. In the course of that that you know, we know what that means the damage that they did. It's unbelievable. You know where general on somebody, a friend of mine that got it literally said. It's like liquid gold that within 24 hours, I'll tell you one person who it is, is Dr.

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