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Michael Robinson he is a former forty nine of course he was drafted in two thousand six by the nighters with the Seahawks won a Superbowl they beat Denver forty three eight and then he rode off into the sunset now does a tremendous job with the NFL network follow him on Twitter at real Mike robin enjoyed just courtesy of the my guess on hi Michael how are you much longer I'm glad to be on the day was going on Hey it's good to talk to you man by the way people talk about riding off into the sunset the the best way I I know that people talk about away and manning and other guys like that you guys one forty three eight dominated that Superbowl then you're done that's pretty good yeah it is pretty good but when you when you when you don't play affect people this ally quarterback nobody talk about it so deeply to fall back with him and you know it kind of gets thrown on the world when you ride off into the sunset that way have I in you are tremendous on television I watch you every week and with the good morning football the weekend edition and you you know the game so inside an app on your cell phone but since you did bring this up and we'll get into the rivalry the Seahawks but you know you were a quarterback at Penn state in a really good one now when you came to the NFL you did play fullback and you were really good one and you were great special teams player and just what what chase some hail Michael is doing for Sean Payton and John and I were talking the other day so Monday after the game and just do what he does I think you could have done that in the NFL and I'm looking for other people in the league currently there could be that high Brady I got the could throw the ball a little bit an inmate do everything and just run over people lined up as an H. back you know slot receiver an outside receiver or be a personal protector you could have done all that so what do you see from the taste of hell and do you think because of the way Sean is using him other teams will start to get a taste of male of the wrong well it all for smart thank you for the compliment jumps on old one of the first guy okay cope with things they for a long time one of my mentors you're the first person when I was young man Hey Mike you know you you can play any position that you put your mind to on the net versatility is going to make you they're going to get you got that sort of thing in the National Football League for long time and I remember when I was with Seattle and be quite happen and we beat the New Orleans Saints in the in the twenty cents after the twenty third season for the in the playoffs then we got into the play out the at a seminar on record jumping walked up to me is there I wish I have had the opportunity to coach a talent like you and so they deserve to have that you know to know that a coach like Dante will come over to you and say that that that let me know that he he's one of the office of the mind that can handle a guy like a paper mill if you happen to play ball there because at the end of the day eight and have to be ready also he's one of the quarterback we have to be ready to do the quarterback what's the difference yeah inspector team the after the white one a wide receiver from from from the running back won't sometimes it takes a very creative play call of better understand that where to put him in the back this is Michael Robinson Jonas from forty nine it was a great job as an analyst for NFL network we were we were talking to Jimmy Grob low little bit earlier and usually quarterbacks are discussed too much they get too much credit and when it comes down to Jimmy garage below he looks like he's out of central casting of what you want a quarterback certainly look like but he doesn't seem to be getting the credit he deserves I know he was labeled at least nationally as a game manager which for a lot of quarterbacks is a bad thing or at least I think fans perceive it as a bad thing but why do you think Jimmy drop below or at least I think nationally people are slow to come around on Jimmy grapple what do you think that is well I think you're simply because of what I mean you know and I and I loved him to go out a little when he got paid after what ten or eleven games with Martin yeah like that and I could be wrong about the number but it went a lot and even less in Landsat even eleven yes many games that he had to prove himself to get the big banks right so I think that the I think that merits of kind of follows you need and the fact that we had quite the response were adversity I have a daughter and to me this season the Celanese proven that he can respond to adversity you can win all arm and he had all the tools to lead a championship team and I think when you have a clean up led by your defense what about doesn't always get the credit he deserves we want our Superbowl back in twenty thirteen season nobody gave Russell Wilson the credit that he deserves because we were led by all the number one right because the National Football League and we had a warning back in some you are to be should be in the hall of fame so when you have all of these dynamic a great play call an outstanding and you know I don't think that money back out of this and I'm about a back back the median everybody gets the ball and everybody's happy step quarterback of the the quarterback sometime in the goal you know under the radar Hey you you won that Superbowl in Jersey but the the game you had to get by what is the NFC title game and one of the epic conversations probably the premier this this these two franchises have been raging and you're the perfect guy to ask if you were there with the forty Niners before you know Harbaugh went there and then you were there was coach Carroll the beginning of the decade so give me your perspective from what the Seahawks think of the forty Niners in the coaching staff is still there and and is it back to that level in the Monday night game was just an epic game it went right down to the seventy eighth and final minute we got a humongous game coming up at the end of the year Michael they give me your perspective on this rivalry from the Seattle perspective in and is it back on as the premier rivalry at least in the NFC yeah I think back on it and it's a very much about healthy robbery is not one of those yes the speckled robberies right I think sometimes when you look at the Baltimore Ravens Berkeley Calif sometime back and be disrespectful right you know dirty here the trash talk and all those things now with the Seattle Seahawks in December before not about always tell people when we were making a suitable place and all the things that were not of the make an acceptable for us as well I used to always tell people Hey look yeah he locked the door you come back in an hour we'll be playing video games the rat and haven't rap battles against each other have one built they're saying we have the same mentality itself because we're going to get you in the long run the football we have very athletic quarterbacks and I think I really do think that that bobble rings are what what kind of you know you know more displayed because of the the college coaches connection we have our ball the coach Carroll their rivalry spent in college going back and forth in the college days and now they're on the phone I think that a lot more fuel to the fire but I knew both of those I I know both of these organization very well and at the end of the day they're almost carbon copies of each other we talk about the last one but some people if they want to turn them off that's also stuff Michael Robinson's of former Seahawks and forty nine R. NFL network Richard sure going to miss him for a for a couple of weeks but what was it like being teammates with which term yeah I love with disarmament up my little brother man anytime I ask them to come out to begin your talk to the kids and youth football group that that that I managed to get away for the pay roll away all those things he's a great human being and and what what okay grow understand a boxer Amir accepted all purpose he had a he he asked people to thank people in this corner and things like that but he got himself the bank because there were times in twenty eleven when he first got a leaky sat right he said the very first row and the team meeting room off and the second well and he I remember we were planned this dictionary bangles one week things were going to get a big green a young age a day during the flight not widely bonfire he turned around he said he might I'm gonna lock him down this weekend when I do this is what I'm gonna say I'm a fan the best quarterback in the league but due to some of them back and I'm a get my bill paid what you think about that I was the captain at the time and the fact that he had the respect the turn around and ask he do that with that mess up our teams SO we grow to maturity from working right you know a late round pick next show me that this was going to be special so when you look at the success of what your sermon we look at the data we have now been a chore that in an all pro one of the top deep at the back of the National Football League he worked that in that what was on purpose if except if not by mistake yeah he's so smart even you know going way back then to have the you know the ability to understand what that meant to a locker room but he got paid and they got paid again and he's not paying like everybody else an agency he represents himself so he's another level all right so all these games events so big the Seattle game on Monday night the Baltimore gained the Green Bay game and the New Orleans game but the game coming up and this one could be for everything I mean right now the forty Niners have two losses Seattle as three of a one of the four that a losses was to Seattle you know what's going on here so that dad game at CenturyLink at the end of the year the last game of the.

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