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You know, particularly from when I was a young person, I can remember when Magic Johnson was making a million a year and we thought that was a big now guys make thirty forty fifty million dollars a year. This just so much more jealousy towards athletes. And I ended just take athletes off. The pedestal is it just seems to be winning quality in this country which is trickling down to sports now and you're seeing these and we talked about earlier NFL owners. You got thirty of the thirty. Two owners are white cats. Okay, they're, they're almost billionaires are ridiculously wealthy. NFL players can't get guaranteed contracts. They're jealous of different. Welcome back clay Travis, Eric, Dickerson and TJ. Hassanzadeh are back. Let's move to Baltimore where Lamar Jackson has an exactly lived up to the post drab hype so far looking over mashing, completing just forty, two percent of his passes in the preseason. So maybe it's not surprising that the ravens might carry three quarterbacks on the roster for the first time in almost a decade with John Harbaugh sane. The decision to keep RG three, we'll go right to the wire. This to me is proof. They made a mistake overdraft in the Marge Jackson there in a conundrum and got this problem because guys are fired three. Is there a second best quarterback? But they gotta keep Lamar Jackson because he was drafted the end of the first round, and, oh, my God now is going to go down to the wire. We want to do the right thing and have a legitimate backup quarterback and keep three, or we're going to let RG three go and. Hope and pray. Joe flacco never gets hurt, go. You guys are so far. I know what you guys are going to say. I'll let you guys go. Here's what I said. I loved watching Lamar Jackson playing college. I loved gambling on his games. Bobby Katrina, that offense they would set up was electric. It was exciting to watch. Here's what I noticed, and I'm far from an Xs and os guy. Bobby between either scheme. Somebody opened or Lamar Jackson ran that was their game plan at Louisville when he actually went up more Jackson against really good SEC opponents over his career. I got some stats for you, and this is what made me nervous, particularly in the bowl game. He finished with against Mississippi State, Lamar Jackson against SEC defenses. Forty eight point, five percent completion percentage, nine touchdowns ten interceptions. This man won the Heisman Trophy against ACC defenses and below. He's an electric exciting player. He wasn't ready to play at the quarterback position in my mind. If if Joe flacco goes down, I think he got to keep our g three because he's the most ready to come in and run the offense tee off guys. Ozzie Newsome. I asked in this a couple of weeks ago at the hall of fame. I just wanted to see what he's going to say. I say, what do you think of the mind? Can't he played in the National Football League? He say, Eric, most definitely can play. He said, he's not ready to play right now. He say, but man, he can play. I say, what about his accuracy? He said, we can work on that. He's, I'm telling you, I'm excited. And when you have is done a great job with the Baltimore Ravens. So I think he would know he say he, he's he's a project, but I'm telling you Wieder, oh, you have told, you know, trivia, this guy has no chance to plan a man. I'm, you know. Yes. Do you remember your first wife? I never been married. So..

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