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The show with Wiley joined by Tim Jackson, Stephen Jackson, moved to Kevin Durant. And recent interview with Katie said that he thinks Michael Jordan is the goat. It makes all his house guests waas Jordan highlights. He also said Kobe Bryant is the second best player and even mentioned, Kyrie Irving in the same breath. But former NBA player Eddie Johnson notice. One name was missing twenty quote. Where's the Bron? And this statement this jealousy needs to stop. Katie said a lot of heat for this. And he called the work environment here with the Lakers toxic because LeBron's circus everywhere. All katie's jealous. Lebron even if he is it doesn't bother me. I why not he's a competitor. He wants that thrown wants that position. Lebron has none of this bothers me. Why does he have to LeBron's not wanna his favorite players? He likes to watch it. He doesn't think. Lebron's the best player. Second best player. Who cares? He has a right to that opinion. Everybody doesn't have to you know, they can't say we call it a Jefferson air by Jeff's with LeBron today. Everybody wanna be best friends. I don't know what they call it other cities. What he call the Jefferson? I liked what katie's doing here. I love it too. He's too close to lebrons to actually crown LeBron. He's like y'all crown, but I'm right there, if not better in my own mind. Yeah. He's more accomplished. Yeah. He has more Gog it talent. But. It may be better game of basketball, certainly in this moment. So I don't call that hate either. Is this interesting that all this starts to circulate every time K D comes up in part because K D is showing that fire like I really deserve more in this conversation of who's to king. Now what I don't wanna be the one insert myself. So sometimes it comes out this way. And we talk about the top of the league who we talk about Katie LeBron so out of katie's mouth. Why does every player we talk about your favorite place?.

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