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So i mean i can't. I can't get the blatant road. Cast bottle of blanton's will last me like three years three years. Yeah i by. No one knows it. I could drinking by the way over. Here are responsible. Well it's more like you're pissing. Everybody off with their sober tone. So you can imagine me like starting starting my fifth blanton's at the bar like oh good gravy but no i'm glad we got w and i'm glad we again another game of books football. Hopefully not against the saints but just take what are we there you go there. You go big man. I still got him lining up on me here. You got people ended outside like us a club on ladies night so i'll let you go all right. Guys go books. We'll see you next week. All right big fudge user. We'll do it. We'll do it ran. We already know that this is an international phone. international podcasts. tonight we've had one call from the uk. We have another one now from australia. Believes tuning in it is it is dawn. It is what time is it in australia's full on daylight down there. It's thirty austin and nice. I gotta tell you. The australian accents my favorite action. Hold in thank you for all the time. I rish is my favorite. But always something. I always say like. Everyone calmed down. The world's not going to end today because it's already tomorrow in australia. You from lockdown where we got locked in a couple of days ago void some carbon. So there you go did news the house. We've had some covert on the podcast but it doesn't go through the internet. Also what's on your mind tonight. Tampa bay buccaneers winning first playoff game in over thirteen eighteen years. I know i know it's been a while miami more in the retro jazzy. Say the super bowl pace. You know it was good. It was just wasn't as clean as what i think. We'll hustle sharm goldwyn art. Let me ask you this. Are we at a point now. With the buccaneers. Where if the team doesn't come out and have like no drops. Everybody's catching an interception. The secondary's not shutting down every wide receiver. That's out there. The defensive line isn't shutting down the run that we're gonna be unsatisfied with the game regardless if we win or not like are we are we at that point as bucks fans expectations hard and what they have been poss but But yeah i think worth. And i mean even donovan. Smith played well it. Wasn't anybody got a job done right. Donald smith played well enough hold on donald smith played well enough. They brought him to the podium for a post game press conference. Oh yeah they only do that with the guys that did well right. Yeah yeah. I was disappointed with the constant toronto pressure the qb. I think they knew that this as a little bit strong guy from constantly. Probably not and he was seeing every taunts and dancing around them. And so i think i think they need to adjust that for next week. Because if i'd say we're playing drew brees so he's not gonna he's not going to He'll be at a sign welcoming obviously. Eat hot as well as heineke. But he'll shut us. The pace selling all adjusts. It'll be interesting to see how we gonna wake up like rent. I think will be in new orleans and the d'arme so i think the bears will will trouble in too much. Yeah yeah i'm with you. I have full confidence of defensive. Game plan will look different than it did from today. In definite look different from did from the second saints game when we got embarrassed on national tv Was a thirty one to three. But you know you're right. Exhortations are are kind of high in canada through the roof and sense. I think this ryan with books fans. And i do it to sometime. It's like what since we only watched the bucks. Mostly you know so. We don't really watch like all of the chiefs games but we don't watch all of the steelers games of so we don't see the games where like like. I didn't watch the game. Where they barely beat the falcons like you know just a week ago or were. They barely beat the chargers like in week. Seven like they had they had to come back late and those are games like. I'm sure cheese sandwich. Like what's going on. But i mean they went fourteen into but we watch a lot of college. And so we see like alabama beat the crap out of everybody clemson just beat the crap out of everybody so that in our minds. That's what like a great team does. So it's sort of this thing. Where sense you know on sundays. Bucks are watching. Buck gains. not the other games but on saturdays are watching these college football team. Does you know. rake over everybody and subconsciously. We think if we don't see that type of performance from our professional football team then it's like you know it's back to the drawing but you know all teams are like that. I'm sure like you know up your buffalo's having the same conversations you know. It doesn't matter how good you are in the big cities like new york chicago With big radio markets these people. That's that's what fans do. So i understand brent saying like it's never going to be good enough but we sorry. Excuse me it's also boring. Come on here and be like hey like survived advance. What do you think everybody have a good night like. There's some things you need to talk about so sure You know defensively to what you said like. I definitely think it's all going to change What we see. Just i just hope That whatever they pick works early and they don't have to change it. You know somewhere halfway through the second quarter changed at halftime But i don't think honestly this offense has really clicking and this was supposed to be you know defense defense like washington why they had never let him over twenty points and this and that and we put up over five hundred yards and thirty three points thirty thirty one but missed two extra points and also went one for four in the red zone and put up over thirty on his defense and we and i know atlanta twice in detroit and minnesota. But you saw the points. We put up on these guys. You know this. This team has like the finished the season from the second half of atlanta game. I think they punted three times. Did a victory formation one interception and scored every single time. They had the ball. That's two and a half games. That's insane so you know we're in it man. It doesn't matter who we play doesn't matter defensively faith. It doesn't matter how bad our defense plays honestly we're going to be in every right and it's going to be fun. I i want to remind people of this Because the soul to this out during the game last week fun fact with every game that. The buccaneers this year have scored over twenty four points. They've won and now in nine of their eleven wins. They've scored over thirty nine of their twelve wins over the season. They have scored over thirty points. So you know the rent. You know we talked about it. I don't remember if it was last week. During the peter cast live or if it was during the buck in the new show we used to say it was raised to forty. Now it's a race to twenty four. Yeah you know. And and that's just gives twenty four. Yeah there you go there you go there you go. What else you got forest buddy on. That's good i Been been listening. Man yeah thanks listener. I've been pretty actually pretty good contingent down in australia. Yeah we do. Yeah we've got a contingent australia show.

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