Cleveland Park, President Trump, Adam Sandler discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show


I've seen cherries fire okay that was a funny story about that the late great blockbuster video down on connecticut avenue in cleveland park that was next herman sports which became a petco which both now closed blockbuster video there and this is where i sort of have the dividing line michael millennials but we're millennials who remember getting the blockbuster you had to get the blockbuster on friday morning all the good stuff was gone right there on thursday night i would complain to my parents before the weekend we thursday night because those goons are going to take it all so i was in blockbuster film i wanted to see with taken you know they used to have the video the movie taken no dvd we're talking we're talking v h s on the h s was today rental zuhdi i wanted to see and i was sort of moping around in my mom goes well there's chariots of fire i go what chase far she's you haven't seen it up says mom i'm twelve how would i see great she gets you have to see it yeah so she took it and i was very upset i want to go get some other stupid adam sandler movie or something and i watched it and tear it up it's it's it's the same movies in the top ten this is the same way ended up seeing all the president's men what i wanted to see was taken out right found my way into that which is great who've grateful these seem like they were just released yesterday to me but they were released thirty hours driving in connecticut a two years ago and i saw blockbuster video i had to pull over the side of the road to take.

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