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Young Comedians. Before Dom Aera is we'll be writing. I felt good reason. Doc is not here. Tonight is because tomorrow night Saturday. Huhne's group Zebra. That's good jazz. Jazz fusion is that what you call that group Tom. What's the difference between straight mainline or straight ahead jazz and jazz fusion difference? Yes I'm serious straight ahead. What they call mainline and then there's jazz fusion combination of Jazz and rock. Oh I see I see okay anyway from Zip Ron and they're gonNA be playing at the RB Smith Park and Fort Lauderdale and on Sunday The Sunday. He'll be appearing with the big man the town park and point lookout. Long Island. That's a big jump right anyway. You have to be there dropping and see what else we have a report. All Right. Let me see here. How many of you somebody said last week in the audience they they were out taking NBC tour and they went to the NBC Gift Shop. Have you ever been the NBC? Show how you visit the NBC Gift Shop. Did you buy anything? Someone in the audience asked why tonight show didn't have any memorabilia or t shirts or stuff Johnny Carson. I didn't know but they do have a store out here. And I guess people who come through water momentum of their trip we let me show you. What's currently available? Okay Watch the show Saint Elsewhere Hospital you can actually buy hospital got a hospital gown. They sell these out here. They know fine workmanship else.

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