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I'm Joe Garagiola from. It's all political. I'm trying to interview every Democrat running for president but that would take years. That's okay. We have a ton of great stuff to talk about. Listen wherever you get your podcast because it's all political hello and welcome to as plus the San Francisco Chronicle's podcast on the Oakland as and Major League Baseball. I'm your host chronicle. As beat writer Susan's lesser and today we welcomed as rookie catcher Sean Murphy who talks about his first couple of weeks in the big leagues all those home runs he's hitting and catching hey seuss Lazaros Major League debut then Jake Kaplan from the athletic and I talk about the Astros and as as rivalry and how it's changing and might change a little bit more all of that coming up next our guest today the eight plus podcast is rookie Catcher Sean Murphy Shun new to the big leagues. Do it looks like you're feeling comfortable. Did you feel comfortable right away. How long did take you I would say I said that I was really uncomfortable. I think it showed but you know I kinda once. I settled into that first game. I started feeling much better. you obviously get called up as the team is in a pennant race. Does that make any difference to your approach at all that kind of change your attitude the way you feel thanks yeah because you know if the team wasn't competing than it. You know why could go out there and afford to mess things up and try and get my feet. It would not worry too much about results but you know when a teams competing you know he. I don't have the luxury of going out there and screwing up signs and you know asthma scouting the reports and stuff like that and it puts you on your best behavior and your game. We'll was this like we're like for you. Overall obviously have the knee injury. Sorry in you have arthroscopic surgery and took a little time for you coming back. How frustrating was that. Were you worried at some point that you might not wind up getting shot in the majors this year of course certain times when you know you have your bad days and rehabbing don't feel very good your knees. Barton and you know but die the staff down Arizona his own an awesome job. I can't give them enough credit to you know how. They helped me Rehab in comeback as as quickly as I did you know I'm feeling as good as I am right now. So the shout out to them and you know everybody staying with me and you'll give me the chance to come back in for myself your knee injury did you encourage like one specific the big thing or was it kind of wear and tear that gradually you kind of start to notice so it was actually it was kind of both so. I had to play in Reno. It was a swing blown out out in front of the mound and I went to pick it up and I and my mic Lee got caught in the grass and now I felt it then and then they went into surgery and they're like well you kind of had a chronic meniscus problem in there on top of the tear so it was like two separate things had to go in and fix it was a little bit of both but who knows how long that other one was in there but yeah it was it was the more the Swinburne Reno that that did me said they win and they cleaned up some some stuff and then they did they repair the meniscus headed. What did they again. Yes they cleaned up a little bit and they kind of repaired it. it wasn't a full repair the described it in a way. I didn't quite understand but yeah. It was like eight to ten week week. Recovery is posted you know the four to six month the four to six week one so it was right in the middle and how do you feel now physically because I know the ice are being a little careful with your workload based on the fact that you did have the the knee surgery. I feel fine. You know I feel good out there. aw I have I I would say a hundred percent now. We've always heard so much about you behind the plate have have have you always concentrated on defenses that had come naturally to you. Is that something that you've had to work out. What's the what's been the hardest part for you behind the plate. As you've kind of been learning the position it's pitch calling for sure you know the physical part in the blocking and the throwing and all that stuff you know you can pratt all all day long but source pitch calling you need live reps and actual experience dealing with pictures and adjusting to hitters and that's the that's the last thing that comes as far as what you're comfortable doing in the game him and you know having having a veteran staff that kind of helps you walk through and guys at wwl they've seen the hitters. They know what guys they're going to. They give you an idea what you're looking for. At what age did you start catching because so many catchers you know who wanted to make in the big leagues like everybody else played shortstop for a long time. Did you transition at some point. No I've always pretty much been catcher. yeah. I was a small growing up and I couldn't really positions and I always liked catcher. 'CAUSE I was involved. The thought everything else boring so I've always kind of kind of gravitated towards catcher and then you go to write state and then wind up getting drafted by the as how much did you know I know about the as when that happened. Nothing really didn't know anything about 'EM. It moneyball about it said did you. I mean when when you met Billy Bean. Did she think like Oh this is. This is the money back at school. He's a movie about him and I think that's a it's a it's a coordination to be a part of the guys. Here are are are special. I think this is a really good group of players. Now you come up there a lot of guys that you've played with this year and some guys who played with her for a number of years particularly pitchers. How Fun is it for you to see a j. Tucker and particularly hey susa- lazardo comes in and makes his major the League debut here in Houston behind the plate. Oh it's awesome CNA Jay what he came back from was the tough and situation he was put it in and I think he handled it awesome about as good as you can. you know he was out. He did everything do he ate well. He worked out hardy. Put it all the hours hours and I think the the payoff is showing as far as how he's throwing the ball and Lozada's had to work through a lot this year to say no both those guys have kind of had had to lean on each other and I think that now that they're both here. It's it's a it's a cool moment for all of us. What was it like for you catching Lazardo when he was out there in Houston making a statement. I think that was one of the Better Lazaros I've seen he looked extremely comfortable. Mixing his pitches and he was aggressive with fastball spawned he was he threw everything with with one hundred percent and ten and I think he's you can absolutely pitch here of high level. Can you sort of see this like you. The future is now kind of thing. I think some of the people you know said the coaching staff and people have have said with you. Guys are coming up sort of August and September but there's a little bit. Can you sort of feel what did you realize that. Would you going up through the minor leagues with these guys that this is a this is a group that could be pretty special at some point of course. I mean catching you know. Aj and use use you know they're always the best players on the field and I you know you could feel that you know when when when they went outside the mount is you always you always thought you were winning that night and now they're just not the same feeling here and I think everybody in team understands the House special these these guys are and there's more coming to with Parker done she and Capri Leeann and grant homes. What do you think of some of those guys having worked with with them for for awhile now. All those guys have all your awesome awesome awesome stuff and you know I think they're they're very close. you know. Parker has been one of the you know. The best teammates I've been around is awesome stuff. He competes great grants. It's grants and absolute bulldogs. Awesome stuff haven't had the chance to catch caprine yet game. I've caught a few sides from them but from what I hear you know he's he's just as good so now you have to learn a whole pitching staff up here. Guys weren't even in Spring Training Tanner roark Hummer Bailey. How do you do that before tanner now. Weiss tenors on a great job of working with me. I would say you no. He's he's a veteran guy and I'm sure you know he was. He was as in about having a guy. You know catching his debut behind the plate. Hey you know he you know he walked. Walk me through some stuff that we should be sat down made sure we knew everything that was going on and make sure you know we were on the same page and now. I can't take me enough for his patience. He was with me. You know ask them all sorts of questions. In as he'll stop he probably hasn't heard but these guys these these guys take the stuff seriously and they know it's important that we need to be working together so tell us about your first major league hit. What was that like Is that something that's kind of just like stuck in your head now. It must've been such an amazing experience for you it was I don't know it was we're just kind of happen. you know. I didn't have any huge emotions about it because you know it's something that I thought about and picture. I guess when it happened was just kind of a another swinger another at that you know my parents were obviously very excited but the in the moment that happened. I wasn't wasn't going crazy but then once a kind of a hit me later what I did and that was that was more overwhelming than than in a moment to get the ball back right. Yes and I want to talk to you about your power because it's like it's increased every year and it's that's a little bit unusual especially for somebody. Age Heavy managed to do that if you changed your mechanics thanks. Is there something different about what you've been doing. a couple of tweaks here and there again. It's nothing it's nothing big swings. I was taken away. I got drafted this wings now and they're not hugely different. it's just a matter of selection just learning how to drive the ball in kind of intent in my swing and it's just it's a lot of good hitting coaches throughout the way. Tommy average helped me a time in Stockton Midland and have a good rapport with him anonymously. Mr This year you know help me get those numbers and AAA and it's kind of just been a slow process. There hasn't been one big thing that's clicked but it's been baby steps along the way you know it. It's a slow process as far as hitting and not try and keep going but we'll see sewer it goes. It's been a pretty good start for us so far the big league level with the Power Yeah Yeah Yeah for sure you know in a week you might be asking me why my striking out so much I mean that's it's how this game works. You know so it's going well now and I'm sure at some point. I'm GonNa hit a rough patch and it's you know it's not going to be as pretty so I'm not put too much stock into Eh Awesome I. I think it'll be just fine. Thanks so much for joining us today. Shembe thank you hi. I'm Greg Thomas Travel Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle and host of the wild. West podcast if you like getting into the outdoors and exploring California Wild West is a great listen tune into here exclusive interviews with the world's top adventure athletes like rock climber Alex Honolulu who came onto talk through his incredible free Solo Climbing El Capitan in semi big part of the film is like the whole love story with my a girlfriend and all that but I hadn't even met her when we started listen in wherever you get.

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San Francisco Chronicle, Sean Murphy, Parker discussed on A's Plus

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