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Little the four for bras acres, drives in the paint. And we've got a blocking foul pole. Go against Maryland's Aaron Wiggins. When they look at film, bras. Davis might recognize Charles Mathews's wide open on the left wing. Yeah. You gotta know your surroundings, and who your sleep could be pets into exactly. Isaiah liver. Seven first-half points is in Ignace. Bras, Dake is sits down. Simpson will trigger it on the baseline to our left up. Six thirty eight thirty two Michigan to Matthews right baseline. Pulls it back out of a wing about past find Simpson in front of Michigan bench across over to the baseline. Now. Testy is the three way short again rebounded by Eric. I saved it from going out of bounds Stanford account. Michigan's offense has done is got stagnant. Where the ball has just stand on one side of the floor and you're playing catch back and four instead of swinging bar coast, washing talk about it at halftime being of the swimming at ball and get that ball gone Colin labs for Smith. Smith lowers the shoulder powers it up on a turnaround jumper the pain. No good ball that it off the glass in an over the back haul against Gaylon Smith. That was an interesting conversation with Mark surgeon before the game. I had asked what the difference is. What surprised you about your freshman? He said first of all they all work, really hard. They're all very mature. There's not a lot of drama there. They buy in. It's not about them. It's about the team. And that was pretty significant. I thought that that was also telling from last year's team that struggled a little bit. It makes life easy to take that out of the equation and just allow coaches to coach and players, deployed pool. Dangles hop step in the lane fourteen dropped. Got that the fall when I was a big question. I would have had what they have counted that if it hadn't missed because I think one of Maryland players went up and hit the rim and the goal was actually shaken. Yeah. Forty two thirty two Michigan. Jordan pool has four to go along with three boys and three assists. Anthony Collins took off the wall and. Right into the Maryland bench and other turnover for the Turks. Colin was shooting at before he had it in his hand. He thought he had a little daylight. And sometimes you kind of get ahead of yourself. If you will Jalen Smith out Ricky Lindo in Eric Yalla's, sits in favor of sorelle Smith junior. Turnovers by the way from Maryland. Now, we're always talk about teams facing a little bit adversity. Michigan facing adversity would league was of trimmed down be very interesting to see how they execute their offense and get what they want on his eighth time that Michigan is forced to team in the fifteen turnovers are more this year. Matthews to the free throw line spinning turning firing. And it dropped off knocked off the glass and grabbed by Cowan Cowan left or right with a right handed dribble at the top of the arc right side for Smith. Shovels. It to Wiggins founded opening took strong inside and pushed it off the window and threw forty to thirty four Michigan's lead back down to six eleven forty six to go. Simpson skips his way right to left wearing three in white to Jordan pool hands off to livers at the right point. Not a Matthews. They rotated left wing for Simpson. Simpson. Waits for his screen doesn't come behind the back dribble. Now, right side. Good for Matthews one more right wing for pool. Eleven shoot turning spinning turnaround. Jumper. No good. But he did draw foul. It's going to go against Maryland is in the act of shooting should be shooting a couple of freebies. When we come back after the calendar, like the call got eleven twenty five left to go in this one. Michigan and Maryland, Maryland has made it very interesting folks down by as many as fifteen they're hanging in there. Eleven twenty five we'll be back with more from priceless. And after this..

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