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That was we keep asking. How is it that. Simone biles had to withdrawal retreat. We should be asking what made one of the most hyper-competitive athletes who's played through everything who's the lone survivor of sex abuse scandal. What made her step away because the bar her threshold for that kind of thing is clearly very high. It seems like the conversation has been pre backward ever since it happened. Let's go to the big finish. Shohei ohtani thirty six four hundred sixty three feet last night. You impress right. This is not a joke. Tony i went on stub hub and bought tickets to the yankees angels game on august sixteenth. Because i saw that clip. The nba season tip off october nineteenth. Meanwhile that too soon it feels too soon. It feels like the season is being crammed in. Feels like they play too many games so many guys got hurt this year. Big time players. Mike dantonio stepping away from his role as an assistant to steve nash. On the nets. What do you read into that. I read into the fact that he has coached kyrie irving kevin durant. James harden twice carmelo. Anthony kobe bryant back in the day. Joel embiid ben simmons. He could use a break. He's been doing a lot of ugo. Management cody bellinger's throwing error. Meanwhile led to a giants win. Break it doubt. It was so far high up and nobody could catch it. It had launch angle. It had exit. Velocity cody bellinger's baton. What one sixty three last one. The rangers snapped their twelve game. Losing streak by beating the diamondbacks so you happy for them. The madison bumgarner for the diamondbacks. Tonight because he's dated a girl was named madison bumgarner. That's that's weird. We're out of time. We'll try to the next time. I'm totally corners and pablo tori out of us being daily apple spot..

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