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And everybody is richard i welcome to the sports media podcast my producers always lou pelegrino to roundtables this week i up chad finn he finds sports meteorite over the boston globe and general calms there as well and robert latro he is the founder and editor of black sports online both of those gentlemen have been on this podcast before and we had a long monday night football discussion as well as get into katie nolan and some other topics they are followed by lindsay adler who covers the mets and yankees for the athletic also formerly of deadspin aj peres a staff writer for usa today who covers many different topics aj has been on the podcast as well but first up is my longtime colleague at sports illustrated who was who made significant sports media news this week that is peter king and he announced to both his side the people at his site the qb as well as his bosses at sports illustrated that he will be leaving that publication on june first after twenty nine years and starting a new job with nbc sports in july peter king joins me now in studio on these sports media podcast peter it's been a busy week for you richard great to be with us thank you for asking first of all you are very kind to come into the studio we have one we don't get a lot of guests who do that but i don't live very far from here so you're you're you're well known person and a man of your stature does not have to come into the find studio with myself and lou pellegrino but you've done in anyway so why we love you.

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