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July of two thousand eighteen police in Lincoln right here in the ocean state had previously arrested Olivera last September on two counts of child molestation for alleged incidents involving a couple of young girls superintendent of Cumberland schools had said the charges were not related to his teaching position and that elev era had already been placed on leave some more problems with this individual and killings Lee Connecticut a federal appeals court ruled against a run island tribe on Friday in a dispute over a natural gas pipeline built in Massachusetts on land with ceremonial stone groupings the US court of appeals for the district of Columbia circuit dismissed a petition by the Narragansett Indian tribes historic preservation office for lack of jurisdiction tribe argued that in authorizing the Tennessee gas pipeline company to build a pipeline across landscapes with secret significance the federal energy regulatory commission denied it a procedural protections of the national historic preservation act the tribe took issue with the nearly four mile long pipeline segment near San this field Massachusetts but the court rules against the Narragansetts in this pipeline dispute a proposed ordinance could change how people celebrate this summer just all about his counter Cyrus from NBC ten or can't like it was nineteen ninety nine all the time the days of those wild parties in south Kingstown could be as over of the nineties the town council will meet to discuss a possible ordinance to limit how many people can gather and how loud they can get and they wouldn't simply says that if you get together with more than five people you've got to keep it.

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