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Fifteenth in Dearborn the left lane of westbound I. ninety four is closed for construction from Michigan Avenue to rotunda on eastbound I. ninety four the left lane closure runs from rotunda to Wyoming that'll last until April nineteenth now the accu weather forecast comes to us meteorologist Carl Erickson an evening shower in spots otherwise mostly cloudy overnight low near forty some sunshine returns Sunday with a nice and mild afternoon high fifty five chilly Sunday night under clear skies lows thirty two some sunshine will give way to increasing clouds Monday high fifty seven rather cloudy on Tuesday with a spotty shower but mild high near sixty even warmer on Wednesday pretty nice day with some sunshine returning high sixty seven this is accu weather meteorologist Carl Erickson on WWJ newsradio nine fifty forty six degrees in Troy a forty five in Ann Arbor forty eight here in Southfield forty nine in Detroit traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the H. next check at eleven forty eight or you may check anytime at W. W. JT is radio dot com WWJ news time eleven forty every day about the corona virus pandemic depend on us to bring you the latest news radio nine fifty W. W. J. police departments across the country are preparing to kick it up a notch and try to stop people from just obeying social distancing rules even as infections surged in New Jersey ten people were arrested at engagement party charged with violating the ban on social gatherings guests included a ninety nine year old man in Louisiana the pastor of the life tabernacle church faces six misdemeanor charges for repeatedly violating state home.

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