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Has are more than a dozen dogs following an overnight fire in Holliston. Initially, the occupants a couple escaped safely, but one of them re entered the building in an attempt to rescue more than a dozen dogs. Top story this morning on a polished in on the eve of Inauguration Day, security stepped up on Beacon Hill, overwhelming amount of police here. That's the story in Boston and capitals all around the country, bridges and subway stations shut down to and from Washington, D. C in the hours before the inauguration Senate confirmation hearings today for Joe Biden's Cabinet nominees, retired General Lloyd Austin kicks it off with Senate. Testimony today. And just this morning word that President elect Joe Biden has tapped Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levin to be his assistant secretary of health, She would become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U. S. Senate Celtics and Bruins both off tonight. Bruins lost in New Jersey to the doubles last night. One Nothing. I'm Drew Mohammed. Now. W RKO traffic from the my pillow dot com Traffic Center on earlier crash being cleared in Newton on Route nine Hispanic Woodward Street backed up there, You're backed up on the Tobin Outbound doing some roadwork so slow between the Beacon Street off ramp in the Chelsea curves in bounds. Okay on the breaks down and rent them for 95 North bound. Ah, pothole crew working. I wrote one day there. So that is slow, pretty good ride on both sides of the expressway between Boston and Braintree, about a 10 minute drive. On either side there. You looking good on the pipe from the city out to 1, 28 and back and the upper and lower ends of 1 28. No delays right now. Your okay on Route three to the South Shore between Braintree and Plymouth and on 24 between Randolph and Fall River a nice ride heading down to Rhode Island on 95. You're heading up the New Hampshire on 95 You find up there between Peabody and the Granite State. Leaving town on 93 north bound. You're fired from the second bridge all the way up to end over and back. Lower end of 93 is okay between Braintree and Canton. Not bad on Route three.

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