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You have to build a whole new jig because the chicks aren't set up to do that. Or or they they are, but then there's a whole bunch of attachments that go on to make the weird angles for it. And what kind of metal are we getting in the only time I've done dovetails and medalists for like an infield plane. So in that case, it would be the exact same because I've been doing it with hand tools, but you guys. So what did you cut? What kind of medal where you're working with with the info plane brass and steel steel bottom like like Tony Romeo help you would medal playing like he does dovetails in stew similar? Yes, but older style that like to see picture. Actually, that's one of the things I want to want to build another one here soon. It's been a while do do. I've never a dove tail in my life. Not once you call yourself maker? Yes. Now to challenge Zach yet and make a steel dovetail, it's it's like, see, I would do that before. I do would one still, there's no like flexibility to. It's either corrector it's not worth would there's always a little bit of wiggle room. Yeah. All you know how. Dave Pacheco's never eaten a taco. I've never made a dovetail. I did not know that about him. Not weird. He's never. He's never eaten a taco. That's, I mean, the last I heard. Yeah, it's kind of a big thing and I don't know why any. I don't know why anybody would do that to themselves like, why would you deprive yourself of one of, you know, one of the greatest inventions of all time. That's why would you do that? I had talked. I think it's like so like, and now it's such a thing like now that now everybody knows like he's probably never going to have one. Can't start. Yeah. Like what a terrible thing like I wouldn't wish that upon anybody to experience the auto anyway. Questions. Jim Dhakal ASA, my ass lab ended up at two and three, eight sick. Could I laminate some four, four quarter at the bottom without worrying about would movement causing stress? Why would you want to be interesting? I'm guessing he's talking about a benchtop to make it thicker, but well, you know, if if it's asked from the same tree, there shouldn't be any expansion contraction joint, especially if the grains all running the same direction, it should flex all together. I, I would think that that asks lab is going to move in more of a Cup like where you'll have to flatten the, you know, you have to find your benchtop every few years just with would movement. I would think they would that there would be an issue, but that's just me. Yeah, I think I would actually take the slab and rip it up and then laminate those rip spec together, run in the green vertically. But that'd be my I I did that on the the industrial table to the industrial industrial desk that I built a while ago. The red one with three exceed channel had a whole bunch of ashen ripped it and then ripped it and flipped it so that the end grain was actually running on the faces. Once I laminated everything because obviously the steel frame of that desk is not going to allow the wood to expand and contract. So like I left like a sixty two, maybe three sixteen sixteen somewhere between a sixteenth sixteenth of gap around the edges. So, and that was a couple years ago and it's still holding up well. I like like James suggestion of ripping ripping it and then limiting back together because the. You can make it whatever thickness you want. Yeah. And then if you have to get more stock than you have to get more stock to make it the with the. Yeah, I see. Sell the yard designs. What would be your Mount Everest of build and what materials would you want to use? That's good..

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