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Bookshop rate for some charm it's heartbreaking amusing and fascinating in equal measures number three in the sunday times or terms bestseller list at the moment but george about tradition exposure the story literally story about search fiction novel to pick new publication trivia hugeseller libyan bibi at it yes it is and so this is the fast i'm sciencefiction books to have ever won the bailey's fiction price with the orange prize didn't it galland's fiction yes it is it is and and eight say it's a book called the power by niamey old ben and it's all about and so it's kind of a feminist twister i haven't actually read it myself but it sounds fascinating i've seen those people on social media talk about it and this sort of premise of the book is the second in stay pean feature where women and and gals can kill men with a single tat is giuliani bruce story you better watch out this could be a possible possible thing that can happen move women get all the power and brownies got it sort of expose issues around power brilliant late an and has as i said this this feminist twist and is apparently it'd be classic of the feature so the show which is on tv about doing so official cds m eight eight six listen linked to the han may i think she hats and margaret atwood's what which are mental of the mental health young yet yet yet blistering through watching at i've seen the first one is an awful the film was very good but it's much better over each one on weeks instead of into the issues very scary yet it has this duty staying with this panella welcome to choke radio deal led the author of the had me loafing and then crying and then laughing again it's an incredibly moving book it's a true story the book screwed finding go the number three in the best seller charts congratulations richard radio deal it going deal good morning him on on the third now what juventus but when it came in and it was unease that'd be published a few days ago was the cover photograph of these beautiful little poach i'm a dog lover tell us how you failed.

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