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Sports and of course rob for tonight's fantasy flash. Let's go over to connor. Ores report on sports illustrated that said the jaguars may center their offense on the run. Game and twenty twenty one despite drafting trevor lawrence overall. Now this is not without this just speculation. There is some precedent here. Urban meyer obviously ran the football ton at ohio state. The offensive coordinator. In jacksonville darrow. Babble obviously always wanted quote. Or i should say not quote. Hashtag established the run in seattle as the offense coordinator for russell wilson in his rookie year. And this could be a run heavy year for for jacksonville. They use travel ban of a first round. Pick on him. They obviously have james robinson. Brian schottenheimer is actually the passing game coordinator for jaguars. And he loves the run. Trevor lawrence is surrounded by a lot of coaches who will go out of their way to run the football now or also said that this could prevent a quote andrew luck like burnout for trevor lawrence. And you would imagine that if they do run the football lot farrell. You're looking at a pretty good value. On james robinson in fantasy drafts right now. A lotta people wouldn't touch him after the travis bc unpick but shadow to fantasy mojo. Darren armani who helps put together the pros vs joes each and every year for his eighty piece on fantasy. Mo- dot com. You need to sign up for that and registered for that if you are are playing any f. Fcc leaks james robinson farrell running back twenty nine at six twelve. I guess before. I ask you if you think that's a good value there. Are you buying support that the jaguars might be a run heavy team. This season Contributor or from sports illustrated is onto. Something that i felt consistently That this will be the situation with this team. I go back to two last september balking. I'm sitting in the I were at Wherever caesar's caesar's pairs bally's we were everywhere last year. But we're wherever we were we were. We were drafting in the f. Fcc and i'm in the ninth round and is ceedee lamb and it's robinson and which one do i pick and and you know. I looked at the board size of the competition. Thought i could get away with lamb and thought robinson would come back to what great bargain lamb at nine. Can bob anderson. They can So i took my land. Pick robinson lint a twelve v. The only place could getting four spots away from me. My point is i thought never again. Would i have the opportunity to take.

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