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Hello and welcome to the MMT Intel podcast and I'm Gary bramley, and I'm Connor horror. Connor, we are starting this show with the upstart New York Jets. Wow. Like a for real for real win for the jets. This is. So I'm done with I'm not going to do Twitter anymore, so the only way I can gauge a reaction about my column anymore is going to be I'm just going to run it by you live on our show and then you're going to tell me whether it's crazy or not. I think this is the most important win for the jets since they beat the Patriots in the divisional round in 2011. I think I'd agree with that, right? And do you want to point out when you started to unfold that take? I knew a year ago and I was ready for it. Okay. Second part of that is part of me thinks this is kind of a bigger. Deal. Maybe. And here's why. That 2010 team was always going to be like, that was lightning in a bottle, right? Like that was a bunch of 33, 34 year old dudes and Mark Sanchez, just bashing people. And playing really good defense. No doubt. But santonio Holmes, braylon Edwards, those are your best wide receivers, Jericho katri, all those guys were in their late 20s, early 30s, Bart Scott was older, so you just weren't, that wasn't the start. This feels like the start of something. In three years if the jets are really good, you'd be like, yeah, we knew it was gonna happen then, because, you know, all the guys that you drafted had really good games, except for Zach Wilson, but you had like, even like Jermaine Johnson came in and got a sack, sauce gardener played really, really well. Michael Carter played really well. These are all draft picks. These are 23 22 year old cost controlled guys. Garrett Wilson looked phenomenal in this game. And if only someone could get him the ball with regularity, he would be, he'd be one of the best receivers in the NFL. I know. He is so good and look, Zach Wilson did not play out of control in this game, which is what they need right now.

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