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That you can apologize for something and seek to move beyond something without actually disciplining and firing these offices who were involved, the couple has filed a ten million dollar claim against the city alleging civil rights violations by the officers. The Phoenix police chief in African American woman has moved some officers to non enforcement assignments. It's NPR. US Trade Representative Robert lighthizer will testify before the Senate finance committee today. He's expected to be questioned about the Trump administration's trade policies including proposed new tariffs on billions of dollars of Chinese goods. This also comes as the trade office holds public hearings. This week, hundreds of US businesses can't speak in support of or against the proposed tariffs. A new United Nations report says there was a systematic fit rather systematic failure of the UN in addressing the nearly two year long running crisis in Myanmar. Linda fassulo reports the independent report commissioned by UN secretary, General Antonio ca Taras examines, how the UN system responded to the campaign against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar. The report describes the UN's performance as obviously dysfunctional and fraught with serious eras and to conclude that there was a systemic failure, including at the highest levels, which prevented agreements on the common plan of action. The report does not hold any single. Entity or any individuals accountable for the failure. However, it says that the Security Council should bear some responsibility for not providing enough support, U N agencies and departments at a time when it was essential to do. So for NPR news. I'm Linda Fasulo in New York, but thorns in south western China are still searching for any victims who may be trapped in rubble. After a strong earthquake on Monday, the tremor in Sichuan province killed at least eleven people and injured at least one hundred thirty five others. Thousands of people have been evacuated to safety. I'm korva Coleman. NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from i-drive maker of remote PC providing real time access to PC's max and servers from anywhere for use when telecommuting or for remote management. Learn more at remote PC dot com slash NPR, and the.

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