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For today. I love it. Listening for not get coachella. We better get pardoned palooza. That's all i'll say. Yeah though however this they're still corona virus news. This is actually more about the emergency funds. That are up. been a problem. Basically the story comes from the washington. Post some more than half of the money this is. We didn't know this before we thought the number was different more than half of the money from the treasury. Department's corona virus emergency fund for small businesses went to just five percent five percent of the recipients according to data on more than five million loans. That was released by the government. Tuesday evening in response to a freedom of information act request and lawsuit now according to this data the government's paycheck protection program. The ppp about six hundred of the largest companies including dozens of national chains. They received the maximum amount under the program. Ten million dollars six hundred mostly large companies got ten million dollars now officials from the treasury department and the small business administration. Sba have argued the program primarily benefited smaller businesses because of a vast majority of the loans in they're saying that was about eighty seven percent were for less than one hundred fifty thousand dollars. Well that was as of august however the new data shows more than half half of the five hundred twenty two billion same timeframe went to bigger businesses and only twenty eight percent of the money was actually distributed in amounts less than one hundred fifty thousand. You know it's funny because you've got pelosi talking about why it mitch mcconnell doing anything. We'll because his wife his millionaire wife already got her. Ep helps so really. What else does he have to do for. The american people infuriates me. Additionally in the story there's a blanket approval allowed allowed congress officials and their families. And this is where. I'm talking about mitch. There's a blanket approval allowing congress officials and their families to receive p funds without a required conflict of interest review. That's huge several members of congress. Mitch mcconnell including some who helped shape the programs. Rules benefited from funds according to news reports and financial report. So if you are a small business out there listening to this. And you somehow turned down for p. p. you have every right to be angry with is administration because we're seeing exactly where this money went to and we knew it. It was helping a lot of trump's buddies yep Yeah and there's even further reporting going into how many of the companies have benefited from the paycheck protection program are actually trump or kushner companies. Also in the news. President elect joe biden intends to keep fbi director christopher ray in place if he's still on board during the start of his administration that's according to new york times on wednesday but president trump has publicly and privately discussed firing reggae Before the election trump told advisers he planned on firing ray if he won a second term several news outlets reported in october. That you know that that's what was going to happen. It's unclear whether trump still wants to push ray out but it seems to view the fbi as insufficiently loyal baselessly implying. A suggesting the the agency may have helped rig. The reason against him an interview on sunday the doj and the fbi against trump trump administration is ousted at least a dozen other high level officials as we know since losing the election. We've gone over. All of the most notably secretary of defense mark esper- kind of talked about this too about how the fbi agents association actually wrote pen letters to biden and trump's and keep him on pleased. You just keep him on so biden has decided to keep him if he still there. It doesn't say if trump fired him if he'll rehire him or just put another person in charge of the fbi. That'll be interesting to see what they do. So i just want to thank you for this next story. And the reason it wasn't a teaser in the top of the show is because if we tell you there's a news article about twenty a thirty person orgy. You're not gonna listen to the rest of the news. Thank you a. g. for this all right to twenty nine year old doctoral student who hosted a brussels orgy made headlines around the world and this is why it led to the resignation of hungary's prominent anti lgbtq politician. Joseph i would say is here. You're going to help me with this name would would you say Has ager spell it for me s. z. a. j. e. r. the chair. Joseph suggests we're going to come. Joseph roger so this is an anti lgbtq politician in hungary now the reason this is so funny is that He tried to escape through a window onto the roof when the police busted through the door of course the host insisted that he followed all necessary safety precaution so the story goes on this guy named david. Kelly said that he only invited ten male guests to the party and he had nurses to administer rapid kobe nineteen tests at the door. So this was a safety precaution. Now this is. This is one of my favorite parts. Sadier was actually not even invited to this orgy. He went with a friend so this is an anti lgbt politician. In hungary that chose to just buddy up with someone to go to this party In the ho. Said i always invite my few friends to the party. Who turned who in turn brings some friends along and then we make it fun together. He continues to say we talk a little. We have a drink just like in a cafe. The only difference is that meantime we're also having sex with each other. I don't see what's wrong with the was not invited. He wasn't invited to the party about this year. Not allowed and eight. Oh god oh my god. He was not invited. Fuck watch was not invited not invited so the talk about where this room was set up. Apparently it's like covered in halloween decorations. But then it goes on to say that there's also pink hearts overstuffed. Sofas along the walls and mattresses thrown across the apartment this entire things like a black light nightmare to me like. I'm not going to the party. I'm not sitting on a couch it. Just i can't get over how much this is is. The reminds me of the patent. Oswald fox watch story where he was out looking for houses with his wife and actually okay keep going. He's politicians to cheer doesn't have identification on a g so at that point. That's when he tried to escape the party through an open window onto the roof but he was stopped by police who then took him to his apartment to confirm identity and diplomatic status as a member of the european parliament parliament. So this is. What's so infuriating to me just to have a serious note. I'm so tired of these. Fucking closeted politicians creating parties creating organizations passing legislation hurting that the one community that they refuse to acknowledge their part of look. I don't give a shit if lindsay graham is gay. I don't give a shit. If mike pence's gay i do give a shit if they're both gay and they have the power to create legislation that is hurting the communities they may or may not belong. That's my issue or falwell. Junior -actly i don't give a shit if you in the pool boy in your wife for doing some stuff. Fuck yeah i five. I also don't give a shit. If melania trump posed nude and was in porn hell. Yeah i support sex work. It's just you don't be such a good appropriate word..

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