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The big time and kind of classic game show guys over the last several years, Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak even it back as far as Bob Barker. They all have kind of one thing in common. And that is they all come from a radio background. So so maybe there's still hope for us. What do you think? I think so. Well, we had to ask you because you had your turn on jeopardy. And I know you, Miss Alex. I do very much great host Thanks so much. Pat 8 45 switching gears now to Sports BK standing by and college football in the rear View mirror Now what a game. You guys. The Alabama Crimson Tide didn't just roll. They steamrolled Ohio State 50 to 24 last night in Miami to win the college football National championship with the victory. Bama head coach next seven, picks up his six title in Tuscaloosa, seventh all time and surpasses legendary Tide coach Paul Bear Bryant. I think coach Brian has, you know, sort of in a class of his own in terms of what he was able to accomplish what his record is, and I mean, he's the one that made Alabama and the tradition and Alabama place where lots of players wanted to come say they got some all time performances from his offense, including Heisman winning wide receiver Devante Smith, who said Championship Game record with 12 catches Go along with 215 yards and three touchdowns, and he did it all in the first half, because you'd injure his hand early in the second half and be done for the night. His to be Mack Jones through five TDs completed 36 45 passes for 464 yards and running back now, Jean Harris found the ends on three times as well. The rockers search for a new GM is taking a step forward as Vikings assistant general manager George Payton is set to come to Denver today to meet with Broncos brass. And Saints assistant GM Teri fought no because his team still in the playoffs, will have the second interview. Virtually while a second interview hasn't been scheduled yet for Champ Kelly, Bears assistant director of player personnel, he is still under consideration. Future Broncos Ring of Famer Al Wilson linebacker Tennessee is headed to the College Football Hall of Fame. He'll join the 13 million class inducted in 2021, Ted Boys. Busman's hoop squad erase a 10 point first half deficit to snap a nine game losing streak at Utah yesterday afternoon..

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