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The Hurricanes are eliminated by the Lightning in five games. Tampa Nell awaits the winner of the Boston New York Islanders series breaking point had a nice goal. It's a beautiful goal was, you might remember Brayden point as formerly on my all offer sheet team. Players that are quite obviously awesome that other teams should maybe try to pursue offer sheet. What is off off her sheet? Is that Yeah, familiar with that He's on the team. He all offer sheet team showed some nice hands on that goal last night. So so they move on. Vegas wins their third straight over Colorado in overtime. Last night, they beat the Avalanche 32. So the Golden Knights lead that series three games to two. Nazem Qadri from the avalanches. Eight game suspension upheld after arbitration. The bills continuing their Oda's. They were on the practice field yesterday. You can check on Salles article at W g r 5 50 dot com. You can listen to Sal with the latest on the bills when he joins us at eight o'clock this morning. Brian Table Bills offensive coordinator with the Zoom call yesterday with the media. You can listen to that about a half hour but worth your time. It's on demand at WDR 5 50 dot com talked about, uh Emmanuel Sanders talked about the running game. Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen, Jacob Hollister, a whole bunch of stuff. The Packers. No surprise had their opened their mandatory minicamp yesterday without Aaron Rodgers. He was a no show. NBA news, Nicolay Hokage of Denver wins the M V P the Sixers even up their series with Atlanta at one win apiece. Utah takes the opener and their series with the Clippers Jays lost to the White Sox Yankees beat Minnesota Mets had a rough night in Baltimore to be expected. David Peterson started Bisons lost the Scranton Those are your paddock. Chevrolet Headlines. Paddock Chevrolet with you for the extra mile. Next update at seven o'clock. Yeah, I think Josh has a good off season plan in terms of the things that he's done, since he's been here specifically, nothing.

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