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You just about everything you wanna know personal and professional about warren buffett but in any case he's built himself up to be the most successful investor of all time chairman of a company called berkshire hathaway he and his partner charlie munger are the most widely read and quoted invest news that you'll ever see or hear and for good reason they come up with some really good quotes and so this is the week warren buffett through despite being this one of the smartest guys ever and being so widely quoted and so widely studied and in some cases so misunderstood although he says he has a very simple philosophy has never written a book he's being interviewed he's you know he's very gracious with his time in his wisdom he's he's gone into business schools i know he's been into mizzou at least once and taught and our there with the students spent some time ate a lunch with them and so on but he's a ease off he's a above goldmine of information because this guy's done it he knows what works and what doesn't work in a year in february he writes this letter in sends it out two views shareholders at berkshire hathaway nad is required reading for anybody who does what i do which is manage money professionally for individuals and for institutions and so on and on these letters have come out for years they're you know they're available to the public so before you do anything else if you wanna learn how to pick stocks you want to understand warren buffett as best you can in the best way to understand him is to read what he writes and he doesn't again doesn't write a lot but he um he is out with this year's annual report to shareholders which you can go online i think it's berkshire hathaway dot com.

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