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The janas should have been whistled for a ten second violation on each of the two free throws he shot with five point three seconds left in game one meaning that both of those should not have counted booker guys expect given that the janas will speed up in game tonight or that it will get called more to speed it up to his throws up. I mean because this thing that bothers me once it became a thing. It's like we have all of this other review in this and that it's a clear the second just put a clock right there so the nba comeback and said that you cannot put that. They don't want their broadcast partners. Or the arenas to put o'clock in the corner for feels like bullying. I guess or something which violation it's not bullying those winds rachel. But there's a difference between putting it on. Tv is whatever. I don't know. I'm just guessing. But i know there's upland sap. We backed up never beat new track. My grandma's back in town misspeaking got down three point. Gordon be messy depends on my cassie coastal game. Point off as down blind. Spn app download now. Beautiful hedged still both richard jefferson kendrick perkins starring in the bold. And the beautiful fast me. I a everyone to youtube and look up the actual front credits of the bold and the beautiful soap opera. Because then you'll appreciate that because that might be the only way. I could appreciate me being next to perk in so many words by the way i have my Fc afc richmond t shirt on saturday reference lasso. Dallas are tim macmahon..

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