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Hey everyone will it's another week of drinks just bought at the podcast were talk about what we just bought and what you might need to buy next I'm your host Caroline Moss, and today we are joined by Alexandra Waldman or call her Alex She is the CO founder and creative director of our favorite brand universal standard Gee thanks just bought. It has been on the universal standard trained for a very long time It was like one of the first clothing brands I felt super comfortable recommending to listeners. It's inclusive. It's mindful. It's ethical. I own so much universal standard clothing, and so having Alex here is bit lake having a massive celebrity in my midst Alex welcome to G. Thanks just bought it. A G.. Thanks. That's high praise. Indeed, thank you very much. We're so happy to have you I was thinking back to trying to remember what the first piece of Universal Standard Clothing I bought and I think it was the overalls with like the gold button detail. Oh. Yes Yup. That was probably from was that from the Daniel Brooks collection I think it was yeah. Yeah. Those overalls are so those are like you could sleep in those overalls. Yes. We actually try really hard to make sure you can sleep in all of our close regardless of what they're meant to be used for whether you're going to board meeting you should also be able to sleep in it There's this kind of unspoken rule of comfort so we take a tremendous. Time and attention we pay a lot of attention to the fabrics that we use because. One of my biggest complaints and I live in a big body and I used to write about fashion. So as at this weird crossroads. But one of my biggest complaints was that. fashion was made. So indifferently for bigger bodies, you know like stretch was included in size four, but it was not included in a size. You know eighteen, it just made no sense to me. And so when we started our own brand that was one of the things that we tried to fix. Yeah we'll everything really is super comfortable and I talk about this a lot but you know I. My size has changed over the years like anyone's and you know I feel like all of a sudden I woke up and one day I wasn't a size ten I, was assigned twelve and all of a sudden I went to size sixteen and I was like I was never even a fourteen like how did this happen and having a brand that still has? A bigger body in mind and not like as an afterthought and also not as like A. A woke sort of performance Bingo Square to hit is really really nice and I think that it's been. Almost more comfortable to allow my body to change in a lot of ways because you know I'm no longer really just like struggling to find whatever the top size in straight industry size store is and who unlike crossing my fingers and hoping that fits, and that's a conversation. We have here all the time. So to know that you guys even that was just that was just how it was going to go, which is like Oh..

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