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So many people want to be here or when they do get here. Don't WANNA leave. We'll ask you to that particular point. Recently it to Moscow. Champa went on the record. Something that effective. He'd never wants to leave next and I I think he threatened to retire. He was center are smackdown. Is there any truth to that. A and B. How cool is it to have that sort of loyalty from the troops within? I think there's a part of Java uh-huh it comes down to wear and tear physicality of in his current place physically right. Could he handle the schedule. Could could he handle the grind and the wear and tear and everything else of a full run non-royal or smackdown right. It's a different than that's different beasts. And even though that schedule schedule has now dropped in has become much more manageable especially if you have a family and everything else but for him he probably looks at it and says look if I was on the main roster I run. That's this long if I was on an xt with a lesson schedule. And I and much more manageable. I have a run. That's this long. He'd rather do this for a long period of time and then transitioned into doing all the other stuff that he loves like He. I tell you when the time is right. He'll be a phenomenal coach. You'll be a phenomenal backstage stage producer. We're we're letting him get experienced and that now he goes to evolve right now and You know he'll go there and he'll sign autographs or whatever but then during the day. He's a producer he he goes and he pulls the role that that we do right. He goes there and he's passing on that knowledge to those kids and he's a producer and an agent there and help them with their shows does everything else Elsa when they're producing the television event or the digital. Whatever it is that that night he's helping with that? He's he's picking up the things that we're teaching him and he's put it someplace else and that's GonNa Translate long-term and his career to I. Don't think a lot of people realized that the performance center is is really integral is essential in that sort the formation not only of entering talent but all aspects if it worked for having the voice over room when I got hurt and shutdown. I wouldn't become a commentator. 'cause I wouldn't know where to practice but I also it was in the computer room learning how to produce the entrance music and just files and different things. I remember running music live events and it was just all these other opportunities that were afforded to me. Just because it's all truly encompassing. I don't think a lot of people realize that even within the wwe behind the scenes right there. So we've hired camera guys from that that have worked worked with us at full sail that we brought in there to run that to to work just on that show and todd techniques and and everything that we do we sound. Techs lighting techs sure so so many aspects of what we do behind the scenes comes out of there. But that's that's really what it's built to design you know. Marty Miller that directs Ron smackdown right now in wrestlemainia everything everything else when we first started marty was in in the like I remember having a conversation with him of saying I want to try to learn direct because he was a camera guy right. He'd Camera Camera Guy. Hey we're doing this exte- stuff he can be involved in that. Sure he came down. There started directing and many. He got his chops Grohl and pretty soon he was the Guy Right. You you know and you see that over and over the guys that we have now Casey and everybody else. Those are built into the future. We're not putting out less product. So right right no I am dumb as a stood for us about anything I don't want to grow and even I'm learning stuff down here. It is it is staggering. You can't be we're here at work down here and not generally learn out television producing production. All of that kind of stuff you have to really you try hard not not to grow and evolve down here because this entire place it is built. Or just that for that within the W. W. University listen it's staggering. What you can make.

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