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Family mayor Duggan's as he expects to have low one successor in place by the end of the year on Wall Street this hour right now the Dow was down five forty seven the S. and P. off sixty six traffic and weather is next W. J. R. news time three old pretty good weather first on the fives it's a sunny Friday time to check it out with spy back W. J. R. traffic is sponsored by parkway Chrysler Dodge jeep ram attention new car buyers parkway kosher Dodge jeep ram is rolling back the prices on hundreds of great jeep SUVs during the summer of jeep hundreds of vehicles under two hundred Bucks a month parkway Chrysler Dodge jeep ram on hall road in Clinton township to show up sign up and ride well good sunny Friday afternoon to you there can and it's a good sunny out Friday drive out there for our drivers as well no accidents report out there right now on the freeways that we can see through the jam cams now out near new haven well you can apply construction over there with only one lane open on westbound I. ninety four at twenty six mile route and so you find some delays working there and there's construction working once again today with big time delays I ninety four in both directions between telegraph and I two seventy five and again take note of that project if you're making your way to metro airport I pizza pie that W. J. R. traffic and weather first on the five W. J. R. traffic is sponsored by life like with Norton the drive home can be more relaxing if you're not worrying about malware compromising your devices or your identity getting stolen introducing a LifeLock with Norton outstanding protection for your identity and devices.

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