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I love tiny europeans in in asia about texting all my gosh because there's such a different flavors in it. I mean even just the terminology at all like what chris reason and i had this time period where i like dating british guys i love the fact that they were just the terminology often like ticked text message versus semes- for some reason made a big difference and instead of flirting with him in person a lot of times not always they would flirt after they met you via text message read so there's the there is these little differences that were like okay that's but that's still flirting okay yeah and then ceiling doing because when i moved to vietnam such crappy phone not because of vietnam because there was a broken english student in the water and it was text message it was pre mobile pre smartphone but i don't know i am everything big differences there but i feel like developments with technology. It happened really really fast in asia. I think why wasn't i wasn't in asia at the time as with anywhere like cut us never number flip phones like a big deal and all of a sudden there. What was your first phone my. I i think it was probably one of those really simple nokia's and then i kind of upgraded to those flip phone than it was like they'll slider slider phones that were really popular. I never had a spider with with the sliders blackberries now. There were many pallets that sliders like where a your keyboard is like hidden under your phone if you slide it back oh those were especially made for texting because it's kind of feels like many little keyboard. Oh i would have loved that. I think i think overseas with the nokia brick the one that you could throw against everything. They supposedly brought them back last steer but i haven't sake yeah but now smartphones are su- popular here that i haven't even looked because i'm just like it's almost like the. I don't even know what to call it. If you flip open like this and then it looks like a tablet but it's a little smaller forget. The terminology of it looks pretty cool though it is not as clergy italian one. It's very very new but i want to say walkway has went out right now but i cannot remember what they're calling that kind of phone <hes> because it's just it's like screen and screen and you just flip it up and down or you can just use it when it's closed just the top. It's really cool. I guarantee you. I will not get. I five versions of it just because it'll be expensive but really cool bebe seriously okay. Oh sorry so we're in the chat rooms and then really get a scratch your brain all the stuff up in china chow more a mechanism to kind of engage your friends and see what they're up to. Although i do in a really popular website back then is kind of like especially especially like at my life and on the little blurbs of people talking about things like a really funny that went on and and we'll always be like you know my life because this thing happened and i don't know why was so popular then but it was like a big thing among teenagers because i guess when you get home and you just read about the different things that went wrong with other people's lives. You somehow feel better better about yours policy behind it. I i would have read that. I probably would have bret that early. Twenty s to yeah like you know it'd be like the found things happened but then it would also be like really funny and they would be really sure like one blurb would only be three or four seasons. Oh aw i saw me too but yeah. It was just those things that you can kind of loose chocolates. Hi you're flipping thorough <hes> yeah question. The reason i'm thinking of my pres- hilton moment is his blog for a while and i'm like why am i doing this. Why am i doing this something an hour later. I'm like all cut up. And why do i need to know this. Oh my gosh okay so to move to east..

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