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And it's Chuck Pagano. The former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts who Nagy called a great teacher with an aggressive mentality that fits our system of football. Donald spent six seasons at Indy and before that several with the ravens including one in which he was there D coordinator. He takes over the number one rated defense in the league. The bears also interviewed secondary coach Ed Donna tell for the job. Meanwhile, the dolphins filled their head coaching position hiring Brian Flora's. The bulls would like to fill the night at Golden State. But the home team does that quite well. Thank you. The warriors ranked third in the league sixteen points better than the last place bowls from Jim Boylan wants more points inside. We talk about taking open shots. We talk about driving the paint. I think where we have to grow as we're getting to the paint. We're we're doing a good job is those decisions. You know, do we spray it do finish? It bulls opened the trip coughing one hundred and twenty four points to the blazers and a twelve point defeat imagine this. The White Sox will pay Jose Abreu sixteen million in arbitration this season, the most I've ever paid a player for one year, and that number could be doubled if they sign Manny Machado, three others, including newcomer, Alex, avoided arbitration as did Howdy. By has who got a giant from the cubs will make five point two million after his outstanding two thousand eighteen season. Chris Brian will learn thirteen million a two million dollar raise despite missing fifty six games. Five others avoided arbitration, including Addison, Russell will learn three point six million is raised by the way, just two hundred grand. But he's losing a half million by missing the first month of the season suspension. Mckee? Bets will get twenty million from the Red Sox. Jacob degrom seventeen from the Mets and the Yankees solidified their infield signing DJ Mayhew mean Manny Machado likely as two teams. Choose from the action the Phillies on your home for the bears, George off NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM, the.

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