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The thing how it would say for hurricane um you know i again i and unfortunately i'm i don't know him uh but everything you read about on them in the guy literally talks about how he kind of worships tom brady and he seems like it he is not the quintessential englishman in a way that he's folk like one hundred percent focused on just playing soccer in getting better at at which he no uh is not sort of the wayne rudy school of being professional half um and i think that you know that would be the reason i could see it working out from you know just putting his head down not really giving a shit other than scoring goals subduing stood the t b twelve method and yet in madrid the exactly bring alex guerrero that's ara advice for you in all right we're going to take a quick break here from our sponsors and then we're gonna talk to ted kanoute's and hey it's jj redick and this week's guess to my podcast is retired soccer superstar terry anri i had the chance to catch up with him while in london recently to talk about his love of the nba why soccer players are more athletic nba players and what we're doing wrong in youth development in basketball in america listen to this show and more by subscribing to the jj redick podcast on apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts hello welcome back it's just me ryan uh everyone else has gone but i am joined by ted kanoute's in who unofficial title is the proper rest of all football men but he's the former head of player analytics set fc brentford nfc mitchell and and now runs the soccer consultancies stats bomb services was up to an hour you i'm doing alright just trying to uh trying to get my head around all of this this transfer nonsense in january and trying to figure out what's real and what's not yeah this this year's really quite odd in that you've got a lot of clubs that are in sort of slightly dysfunctional spots and manchester city of running so far away with it.

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