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It easier for the announcer. To read the copy. And there should be a hyphen in there. And I know there isn't in that particular piece of copy. Yeah, I think sometimes you know, you see, I t And you know, I've 39 years of reading. I read it as it's that's ongoing. Apparently so my bad I t room I tell you. How about a hyphen it make it a lot easier for the person. Maybe maybe a couple periods. What the hell? Something like that? Yes. That would be the I T room, But I got a kick out of it. When you said the it room I started laughing, But yeah, when you just You know you're breezing through it. You've Been reading that word for most of your life as it Oh yes, it's carpeted Yurko Mellors sitting in for the good kid 31233237761 of bounce out to the phone's melody, conductors and bears fans. What? Continue discuss how they're going to try to turn Forget about turning this season around this season is lost. How were they going to fix this franchise? It's lost, and yet still they are, you know, right square in the playoff contention there in the hunt. As Dan Wieder pointed out, and they will be for a while because the schedule is I mean they might make the playoffs. Don't get me wrong, but this is a lot that this is their going anywhere. It's brutal, but they have three games on their schedule right now. The Lions, Texans and Jaguars. With your own very winnable games, and they still have the Vikings remaining and then a couple games against your division rival the Packers, where I don't expect them to beat the Packers and either game Right? You know, Rivalry games. Weird things happen sometimes. So all those games the Bears could easily this. I mean, I say easily, they have the opportunity to win nine games here. Without doing too much. They lock their way to five and one. It's a simple is that no team in the last 50 years Has ever Rallied No team. No franchise guys has ever rallied. From 2/4 Quarter deficits of 17 points or more. The Bears did it twice in three weeks. Yeah. They were Without question, the luckiest fluky ist five and one team in the history of this league. Because of that, though, and because of the added playoff team or teams. They're probably going to look their way Bass Ackwards into the playoffs, but this is not a playoff team. This is not a good football team by any stretch of imagination, and I sort of hate to say that because the defense holds up its end of the bargain most weeks, but the offense is truly Joke and there they are actually on the outside looking in right now they are But like you said, there's a path for them to get to eight and maybe they locked their way into a nine because they've been lucky this year. Maybe they look their way into 1/9. And maybe they do add that other playoff team and they're suddenly eight. You know, Jeff and they and they get in, but this is a lost season. Let's face it. They are such a mess offensively, and there's really no hope on the horizon. That's the big picture item here. That's what we have to try to figure out. How can they possibly fix this offense? And can they do it quickly enough? While this defense is still really good before it gets too old? That's the question. For you know, I think all of us is bears fans like how is the organization going to fix the plot? So how are they going to do it? Carm, I think Tim and Tinley Park might have an idea. Tim, you're on with Carmen and your co Miller into York Fellas. How are you? Great buddy. Listen, Do you ever think that very sit down with the Rooney family and learn how to build a franchise has been so special in the last 50 years? No. I mean, why would the Rooney family want to help? You know their competitors? I guess I don't know what they do differently, Tim. To be honest with you. I don't know. Well, who in the Rooney family is Obviously, people there get football and I don't know that Anybody in the McCaskey family does. I don't mean to be, uh I like George McCaskey is a person we've been around George George seems like A very nice man. I think he is extremely passionate about his family business, and he really wants to win. I really do believe that. I just don't know that George has really much of a clue. And the one thing I'll say is Look, I don't I don't get overly consumed by the McCaskey's owning the team because I don't think that's changing any time soon. Horse it's not. There's no way it's changed. But I do think there's easily a path where they could get this right. The problem is, if you believe you know the truth is that you know, I don't know if it would been perfect, but You know when they had made the decision between Ryan Pace and Chris Ballard word is that Chris Ballard wanted to cut ties with Jay Cutler immediately and that was not on the agenda for what the McCaskey's wanted to do. And so Ryan Pace was more than willing to keep Jay Cutler in house for a year and see what happened. And ultimately, you need to be list. If you're this is that whoever is going to run your franchise, you need to listen to what they're telling you and you need to. You know, you can't be afraid of spending money because ultimately what has happened now you chose Ryan Pace because he taped soul John Jay Cutler for a year and said We would figure it out after that, if we need tol You know, continued to go in a different direction..

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