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The Pepsi center hosts and one of the biggest match up to the season for the nuggets. Oklahoma City was in town and the team squared off in a barn burner of a contest teams went back and forth in the first then Denver took control and the second by outscoring thunder by ten okay? See would respond by going on a twenty two to six run to start the fourth quarter the nuggets needed to respond at. That's exactly what happened. Faked a handoff goes right to the rack wide open. Layup blocked again by Bill who has the basketball for Denver, Bill stabs across the timeline. Ghost left hand gets Murray for three. Back in the lead by two zero two. Paul Millsap was huge. He had a double double and was a defense nightmare for the thunder Dakota Yokich thirty six points, nine rebounds. Genesis and acts beat the thunder one twenty one to one twelve and in the process they win the season series anti breaker against the thunder. The nuggets are currently number one in the Western Conference. The Oklahoma's dump the Golden State Warriors lost the Orlando. Magic a day at that means that the nuggets warriors have the exact same record didn't has the tiebreaker. The nuggets are in the number one spot the warriors and the number two spot at that brings us to tonight and the Utah Jazz the jazz are on a second game of back back. They played last night in Salt Lake City took down the clippers won eleven to one zero five is Donovan Mitchell scored thirty two Denver in Utah split the first two games against each other nuggets loss in Utah back in January is the only time this season. They've dropped a game against a division opponent. The nuggets are shiny eight and one versus the north west. Sophomore that more today's cables, bringing the power the passion that is the voice the nuggets chase Kaczynski and joining us again this evening for about two television. He's no from coach to coach like butter toast. These the great go Scott Hastings gentlemen courtside again tonight. Yeah. You're late on the way late. I generally, look what what what's your major takeaway from the win against okay? See two nights ago Burke for me. I just call those professional wins. You know, those are that might be a game. If they don't win last year, you know, you get up big. And then all of a sudden, you lose all the entire momentum. When in the fourth quarter, the Oklahoma City thunder comeback in a race your big lead and take a lead late in the basketball game. And so Denver didn't panic. They just hunker down. They got together. Mill sat brought them all together on the floor. And they just decided you know, what we're not putting up with that anymore and came back and won the game professional win for me. I I couldn't agree more. And I would even simplified saying that's why Paul Millsap right to be awesome. United talked about during the break as it was a two two and three minutes segment that he came in shaved took over the game. And never looked back. They dominated late in that. The third quarter outscored them well at twelve twenty points last nine minutes, so but Paul Bill samples giant in that game. It's amazing, right? A big long game. And we're talking about two and a half minutes being the contract life. Well, yeah. Of blood, and then who could dominate a three or four minute stretch and and fourth quarter to take it. You know, you may see a game silver. We'll see you too tall response. Played last night. There's only a fifty minute flight. So not too bad. The good thing is you're going to get to play Utah. And you got Bill sap healthy because favors has given him a submission, right? That's true. Is are you a believer that defenses contagious like do the nuggets? See Paul Millsap like that massive block against Paul joy to any you just get hyped to play. Like you understand what I'm saying? Millsaps doing and all of a sudden, you're like, okay. Okay. It's too. Okay. I can do it too. Here we go. Let me ask you this. Because it is a defense you could save energy and teams responding energy. And and Paul coming out of nowhere to block that shot was in energy glide on the defense side, but that was an energy play. Well, and the thing is to bourbon back to your question is that this is the nice thing about having Gary Harris back because when you have Gary hairs on the perimeter and you Paul Millsap down low, and they are giving full effort on the defense and on the defensive end if you're one of the other nuggets, and these are your friends, right? I mean, you're you're you're going to sit there, and what are you going to do it? You can't sit there and go. Oh, good job. These guys are working hard. I don't have to you know, you you feel bad. If you're not trying as hard as they are. So it's a respecting as well. Especially now that you have Gary back and there's two guys doing it on a consistent basis and think about Murray embarked were were both credited foot for play. Really good, right? Two names, you wouldn't necessarily equate to defense players, right? Exactly. Very one of Murray's biggest plays that divas bribery, Westbrook. Yeah. Denver now number one in the Western Conference. And we're we're one day away from March and they're in the top spot in the west. What does that mean? What does that mean for the Denver next? You obviously you can't take that for granted. Because the warriors are hanging with you. And you gotta play Golden State Ingold state next week is that the goal is the goal. You know, what your goal is? Your goal is to just win win win is making can of and fall where you fall. And really, I think the way they're almost feeling now play the right way in every game that you can because I think they're going to be okay. If they just they just do that, the the the thing you just gotta look at if you're being real honest, look at it playoff seeds and everything. The Oklahoma City was losing filling Schaulson this is open space, whether you're right or two or whatever it's creating space for you in another win the night and say Philly.

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