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Your son or daughter off to college next month? What that will most likely look like coming up live real time traffic every 10 minutes on the tans. Here's Kevin Dean. Some better news for the patio. Five all but one lane open now. Now. That crash was just north of Adams Avenue, had a rollover involved in several other cars make quick work of it. They did, And now that lane's air open on Ly the right lane blocked traffic jammed all that North Edo five. All the way back to the 94 from euro is sunny San Diego Honda dealers Traffic center. That's a 30 minute delay. That's a good old fashioned traffic jam their used in our pound side of the I five out of the cell phone. If you have the choice now make the transition onto the bridge that slow getting up to Coronado bit span. Car stalled out on the lanes taking a while to get that cleared. The strand is a good drive getting up in the Coronado. There was some long delays getting on the base this morning. 32nd Street. Just the usual. Slow down. Getting onto the base there some 5 15 great in from the North County. The support sponsored by the West Automotive Group have transmission concerns with your vehicle experience elite of auto service and repair with the master technicians at West Automotive Group. Take your appointment today for a no charge, sir. Care diagnosis with a transmission experts they have four area. Location's more at West automotive group dot com. On Kevin Dean Coco's next real time Traffic update just 10 minutes away. Lads will clear out for most areas by mid to late morning. It's also going to be windy in the mountains and deserts Coast, up to 75 Today, Inland 86 the mountain 79 in the deserts up to 1 10 Right now downtown were mostly cloudy and 69 degrees. Kogo News time is 7 12 with the Corona virus still raging and the fall semester approaching colleges.

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