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So you know watched the video yourself read article they got the transcript all that stuff because our democracy now can afford it. You they like straight up. Like. Context that's what I stand I stand context. Okay. You put it in context that's what I WANNA hear it. So that was the first resource our recommend for Ya that are listening to this podcast already. Listener. So I'm going to recommend a podcast as well that I think. y'All would. Yaohua benefit from listening to I believe it was two white dues and his opening argument. I'll open opening arguments and it's episode. Oh a four one to. Examining Kamala Harris has record. Another great listener. Them, this is the thing both in both cases. Them going Kamala Harris is the perfect per she's never made a mistake is them adding context? It'd be like this was progressive. Not, just for her time there people now who are modeling what she did there are people now who haven't even made it to what she's done yet they're people now that we're calling progressive for doing she she was doing twelve years ago. So the IDA she wasn't a progressive prosecutors. Ridiculous. I did. We don't want progressive prosecutors is also stupid come on. You know we need like this is something we need unless the system is. Until the system is dismantle I WANNA run by people that care about the community care about black people that understand black we're going GONNA do crime, but they don't make you a criminal. That's what we need. And just like quick things that were in there people that she locked up all these men for marijuana possession. See she was she's nasty wants to legalize. We Wind. Why would that be bad? Don't you want to want to do that anyway because he wants legal, she liked about these men from we possession any find out that what he did was once she didn't like a people for we possession she was. Like these deferment programs if they were on your side and age like twenty four, there was these like alternatives to the to the criminal justice system she was sent on to but also. The the ones that are on the record that thousand whatever we've possessions are all intake to sale. Like people had enough we to sailed something that could be prosecuted federally and she would plead it down, reduce it to present simple possession, and then put it into alternative court. So what the fuck are people talking about if you just look at the raw numbers and People for we you didn't..

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