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Their own tv and movie car answers somebody says the jetsons car so you're not alone as far as cartoon cars the jetsons bar and the reason she gives where else can you have a car that not only shaves you makes you coffee but then folds into a suitcase remember that when he gets dropped off at work you folded up into the suitcase walks along with it nice i remember that george jetson carrio and flies i mean got that going for aspirin joe and has let your on new jersey one zero one point five hey guys i'm surprised many people called in about this one i'd have to say adam west right the batmobile okay old school batmobile or much more recent movie bat mobiles i'm talking to my co worker about that as we were waiting he likes new or one i work the old school way i like the old school look but either way you can't go wrong they both be amazing things they go fast all gadgets i mean whatever you need it he had throughout loyal you know harris shoe it all you know i mean that was pretty time and now they want is phenomenal novel turned into a motorcycle motorcycle the batman motorcycle the more recent movie that's right nothing is awesome that's right it did do that like a rocket then in middletown you're on new jersey one at one point five hey guys yeah i also agree with that email my dream car would have been the jetsons car because it flew and it folded into suitcase no parking that's right you don't even have to park it forget it forget about a car that parks itself you just folded up in brigham with you absolutely okay ben is that true though that this car on the jetsons cartoon used to shave him and make him coffee though i don't remember that part you know i do remember him getting shaved but it wasn't in the car it was as he was coming home it was like a conveyor belt and he'd be shaving and they'd be dressing him up and doing his hair but that was in the house not the car that was probably on his way to work though probably on his way to the car went into that shoot i guess down to where the car was he was gonna leave from yeah ben thanks for your call bill from piscataway you're on new jersey.

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