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You had to Helen Keller jokes. You can't argue with it. What do you think the reaction of the fans and Ottawa are going to be the next home game beautiful, but there'll be a packed house. I feel like they'll sell out there to love it. It'll be a sellout. Eugene Melnyk right now is pulling out whatever hair he has left on his head. You know, that's a great point. If I'm a fan of it. Everything about it. You think of the frustrations we go through his blues fans for the tough season that we go look, I don't think it's anywhere near what auto was dealing with. But as fans, I would love if my players were saying this because it's honest joke and also to Joey's point it could have been way worse. So then you put this on your resume and go look, this is bad side. Not too bad. Although I will say those meetings with Matthew Shane are going to be a little different. Now. It's going to be hawkeye's on that saying that he doesn't watch over three weeks. I haven't listened at one practice session. Right. Just can't wait for the first power play meeting. Okay. Oh boy. Defense or he has he said in on on the video if I'm correct if it was match I have not listened in the last three weeks, and this is a whole nother section that we can get into these are the best players in the world. We don't need to sit down and do twenty minutes. Guys aren't paying attention. Wishes coaches just knew that like two minutes in and out. This is the team some things to do the squad. Do the best. We can. I mean, that's all you can say this is the best players in the world. Do their thing that did you see how they were frustrated because he goes, we don't change anything. He just tells us what happened and gives us the play by play to me that sounds like a player who actually would listen if you were contributing to improving the system, this this part really is my.

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