Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan, Senate discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Hour traffic center splash national restores rush this afternoon drifting ward for the radar showing the bigger activity off to our south west moving along the Gulf coast and the cloud real lightning and heavy downpours were these storms do occur eighty five this afternoon seventy five tonight upswing the storm coverage late week for Friday into the weekend the heaviest rainfall likely Saturday inch and a half plus totals I'm meteorologist Scott Lori Moore at the weather channel it's eighty six degrees of the KTR H. keep cool with a R. S. twenty four hour weather center it's twelve thirty one our top story amid an FBI investigation North Carolina Republican senator Richard Burr is stepping down as the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed the move in a statement and called it the right decision the FBI probe centers on whether Burr was involved in insider trading based on information he obtained as a member of Congress he sold off more than one point five million dollars of stock early concerns about the dire economic impacts of the corona virus has denied any wrongdoing is that trump is pushing for a payroll tax cut amid other big another another big initial jobless claims number tremendous push today on fox business calling the idea very easy to administer the two point nine eight million Americans filing first time claims for unemployment benefits or hundred and ninety five thousand fewer than the prior week it pushes the total for the past eight weeks to right around thirty six million another protest today against Michigan state home orders being held at the state capitol right wing groups are playing together in Lansing to voice their displeasure gives the order issued by the democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer a demonstration at the end of April led to widespread condemnation due to some people carry weapons I heart radio goes one on one with Elton John to reminisce about the romance behind the procedure of buying a record the romance of music in the in the seven days it was a whole procedure by a record you went on the record in America shrink wrapped and you had sometimes a gatefold sleeve which means double sleeve you to get home cradled.

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