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Check out my Facebook page ads Vicki McKenna show on Facebook and you you can get the automatic link for Meg Ellison's open Wisconsin now central Wisconsin protest there others coming online as well there is there is one and I will link this up shortly that is going to take place at the Wisconsin capitol next Friday not this Friday but next Friday and there is one that is that is there there is a national day of protest that is also taking place Wisconsin is going to be part of that that is to be announced we are hoping to be able to announce as well a fox valley area rally as well in Wisconsin so things whatever some of those legislators are claiming it looks like a lot of people in Wisconsin are frustrated with this endless shut down and a governor who seems to be giving no inclination of lifting these orders anytime soon presumably because the whole state must suffer because of Milwaukee I guess all right but now I want to introduce on the program Dr Roger Klein doctor Klein is a path allergist he has also worked in and as an adviser to HHS to the CDC you have also been part of the regulatory transparency project you are a a a certified physician you have been paying attention close attention to the numbers to just spread to all of the information about covert nineteen doctor Klein can I pick your brain on my program today that right thank you again for having you back all right so doctor Klein no slouch got his medical training at Yale so you know it's not like you gotta you correspondence certificate for your medical training you're the real deal what what what I have seen not reflected in media coverage but what reality seems to be showing is that we are on the other side of the peak on the spread of corona virus in the United States is that what you have been seeing is that what others have been seeing because it certainly looks like the models that were originally used to generate numbers are not accurate yes I made so getting to that the model in the press nothing wrong with using them for preparation if it's not if we don't if we don't take actions that are to train but I think treating them as fact that the evidence and then acting on them yeah eight eight with profound disruption of people because now my flight it is the type your proposition height you know what much of the epidemic it is still it better on the effort at the center in New York and I think they're still around forty percent of the New York metro area around forty percent of the cases and deaths than I am so what we talk about they're doing that one because I think there's lots of different places in the United States that Moscow different clothes many of which currently been curves and more like a line that I think we're not we don't really know we really haven't seen the kind of exponential growth that you think about what the curve in fact and we just didn't see that explosion and I think you know I I I think we're gonna get out yeah that's kind of the point where we understand enough about this disease to realize that yeah without it there probably a lot of infections that are never either stop clinical meaning they're not recognized or simply mild mild cases and that that may be mold yeah yeah I'm mad if right if in some circumstances specially called temple on contact pretty transmissible yeah well it's probably gonna be with us but if you have also a very it looks like it's got a very low fidelity rate based on infection the map steps from St in Germany in high school and the and the M. I. N. M. projections are our big problem captive fifty goal after minutes from the Oxford evidence based medical center which is one of the best in the world and is talking about of the daily rate of twenty one point three six percent but what that really means that we're saying that it may be it could be more or less like a bad or severe look okay so so that's kind of where we are we're not supposed to doctor Klein you're not swayed you I know you've got in trouble for me too but I but I can't help but because of the comparison of what the point I wanted to make so before I and I know I'm rambling on here but I think I think the idea that probably it's not as bad as we think it is in many respects and it may hang around awhile because if you have been impacted that many people and we're gonna have to learn to live with it which means getting on with their lives in the state and that taking out the way and protecting our body under the protecting those four types can can can you explain why we we keep her about herd immunity it does not require people to actually be exposed who are not going to become very sick from it does it it means we need to have a certain number of people exposed in order to protect vulnerable people from this do we not what about you have to work out of the air you know like you can get her to get it from a vaccine if you haven't which we don't are you can get herd immunity which means getting people impacted so their opinion and what I've got the acting as the virus can't spread as easily because it's been countering many people who are affected and those numbers by accident but again these are the same kinds of modeling an estimate I think we're giving this like implants are surprisingly low you know in that fifty or thirty three percent range in some situations which makes you wonder if maybe that is a part of what's going on in certain areas of New York where that maybe maybe it's not really about the the imposition of the stringent measures that are moderating the case numbers but actually that they share number explosion learn factor so yeah because New York is in in New York City is very very dense I looked at the density in New York City New York City overall is twenty two thousand people per square mile which blew my mind that's the densest city in the world by the way sixty six thousand just in Manhattan so that's a very that's a you know very both of I guess desirable place to be because sixty six thousand people per square mile are willing to cram their bodies into that city you know they make it work but it does it has to suggest that way more people than have been tested for it have been exposed to it yes so there was that stagnant women who I think they were right around a hundred Amanda thank you Matt lock not use but it they what they found was that for all of the mice so what maybe there's no more than that but the four of them were were five of them were symptomatic and then the rest are a symptomatic and I guess it was more you know more maybe with several hundred but it but that what happened was that the evidence is fifteen percent were called in nineteen our buyers called to positive of the fifteen percent of the just the theories of women who came and pregnant were more positive than most of them didn't have any of them so so so I think what that the gap if we if that if that are reflective of the population at large in New York New York City odd that would translate to maybe three million in action but yeah I mean yet you know you have a lot and from areas that could be what many warranty that they're fun they're they're much harder to get than other areas then it could be it there could be quite that bad that you have but method maybe very good double that rate maybe double fifteen provider I don't we don't really know we don't have epidemiologic risk their lives you got study but when I popped in a friend the word R. E. directing lab in New York I was hearing positive positivity rate for the for all comers of around fifty percent which you know which the gap that there were a lot of a lot of infected people walking around so sorry so to the pregnant woman studied everyone just these are just pregnant ladies who had to go see their doctors and they were tested for covered nineteen they didn't but most of them showed no symptoms whatsoever but fifteen percent of them were positive for cover nineteen said they had been exposed and they were showing no symptoms and that is suggested that a general population could have it to the to to the point of fifteen percent or as you say maybe in some areas maybe even larger than that have been exposed so maybe New York is on its way to your herd immunity maybe it is the rest of us are are essentially being told we have to behave in such in in a way that suggests we are going to face what New York is faced by the way news out today New York icy use are not are no longer overwhelmed in general in general perhaps or one or two or a handful that are overwhelmed but in general they announced that they have now kind of gotten ahead of some of the serious cases here can we talk about high drug drug to core Quinn because you know the anecdotal evidence we always have to say that because no one wants to do a study I know that the South Dakota governor is going to basically let her whole state be a study but this is a a a a a a disease treatment that seems to work prophylactic Lee and also seems to address people who are symptomatic not as well but it also seems to address the problems when it gets very serious why aren't we doing everything in our power to blanket the states with this particular protocol of drugs which and also includes a antibiotic well here's what I would I would say about it I I think you know normally what we do and our our usual process for evaluating drugs involved will call the clinical trial and if the input of the randomized double blind clinical trial where people don't know what people in the investigator don't know what matters that the people are getting and come get the drug but don't get the drugs we compare the mentally beat out work and what that he tended to do is eliminate any bias is not in our rights and I respect that so we have that it it it's difficult to say that bad that rug help on the other hand built by the way I would come at it as a physician as it may work if you have if you have them I'm very good safety profile although every drought and I I think it's important to point this out because some of them have five point is that you have to ask me about that I mean any drugs can cause the problem or a or a rare individual but we need to understand that there's there's never zero read but the fate the profile of the drug get quite good the safety profile of death or mac is very good and I you know if you don't have anything outside of the I don't I don't see any harm in that story and in trying to get I you know it if you don't have dental but you're not that guy I think I think you have to you know if something.

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