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University is expected to put the go on exhibit after its studied and reconstructed which could take years the thirtieth anniversary of the release of dirty dan thing is being celebrated near the former catskills resort that inspired the film the hurley the arts centres having a dirty dancing theme saturday the events include a fashion chelm set to the nineteen 87 film soundtrack iraq attacked by former resort dance instructor jackie horner and a screening of the movie corner todt dance lessons to gas and entertainers at nearby grossing areas which is now abandoned famous hotel served as the inspiration for the brooklyn native eleanor stein screenplay about a jewish girl nicknamed 'baby in his fence the summer of 1963 at an upset the resort and falls in love with dance instructor johnny castle i science family vacation digressing here's the 1950s when horner was the dance instructor many foreigners experiences wound up being part of the film minneapolis police shooting protest shakeup in the white house i'm tim mcguire will nap news minute minneapolis mayor betsy hodges during a news conference on the resignation of police chief general hartono was confronted by protesters yup thank you marco resigned in the wake of last saturday night shooting of an unarmed forty year old woman by a police officer white house press secretary sean spicer resigned today's president trump names wall street financier anthony scaramucci to head white house communications incoming press secretary sarah sanders i felt like it would be best for that team to be able to start with a totally clean slate spicer leaves in a month that's around the same time the scaramucci starts his new job i'm tim mcguire another unexploded world war two era bomb has been found on the north carolina coast national park.

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