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Stay then she's immediately goes to have tabled charles commit a then she meets kate william george charlotte on thursday after wins the cost the first for her so then she's on the second rehearse so and she's everyone allegra and then she could see the queen prince phillip i mean half eat must not touch the ground i think door this is definitely being a world when trip a lot to take in among go i'm sure she's still haven't quite sunk in for her yet but considering all of that and the pressure of everything that built the weak force is fed site that she held himself ready well i think she became quite popular figure in all of this on the day of the wedding in this images of her looking tearyeyed had oliseh it was impossible not to feel something for not moment definitely but friday will seem to although on friday everything seemed to be plans going really well behind the scenes absent dos minute details said pantley making shoes was still collected on friday earnings these the amazing as we now know you've all she retro pumps that they designer version she the first british the first female head of that very famous french fashion house clad white cash brit form ahead of khloe she made the dress and made the shoes and of course they have even been picked up vitamins there's a lot of running around thing behind the scenes i amid to try and get things ready and things in place wall all important rehearsal i'm meeting with the queen was happening it was all hands on deck the entire team at kensington palace i think everyone private secretaries communication secretaries everyone was helping outs making sure that these final range moments were in place and it's interesting because it's very difficult fresca even even get hold of the press secretary's this week wasn't it so they were very much involved with planning the wedding as well it's quite small team actually he was putting all this together listen to add line fox how his private secretary helped by laura king think firm buckingham palace and had the wall.

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